DIY BirdCage Product

DIYBirdCage.Com produces one of the finest Bamboo Birdcage available today. All our Birdcages are handmade to the finest details. Our products are shipped in flat pack components to keep the cost of shipping down. Also by assembling the Birdcage yourself, you will also be able to enjoy the fun in building your own bamboo birdcage.

There are so many possibilities of owning a DIY Birdcage. Besides using it as a home for your pet birds, you can also use the DIY Birdcage as decorations. Below are some Birdcage decoration ideas:

Assembled Bamboo Birdcage

After you assembled the Bamboo Birdcage (from the flat pack that we shipped you), the Birdcage would look like this:

Dimensions and Weight of our Birdcage

Need to add 9cm from the Floor Unit to the base and another 19cm for the wooden crown unit.

Size# of BarsMain Cage
Diameter (cm)
Main Cage
Height (cm)
Total Height (cm)Weight

You will receive the following when you purchase our DIY Birdcage product

1. Flat Pack consisting of Components to make a Bird Cage

2. Soft Copy Instruction Manual – 32 Pages


3. Link to our YouTube Channel with step by step instructions that will aide you in assembling the Birdcage

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You can purchase our handmade Bamboo DIY Birdcage by following the link below:

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