About DIY BirdCage

DIY Bird Cage is the best company that you can trust for high quality and affordable DIY bamboo bird cages. We understand the elevated costs of obtaining bird cages and, have just the right solutions to make it much easier for you to acquire highly durable, stylish and eco-friendly DIY bamboo bird cages at your own convenience. Our products are handmade in our workshop and shipped in flat packs, which you can easily assemble to house your birds, decorate your home, present as a crafts project among other applications.

Background of our Company

Located in the family workshop in Asia, DIY Bird Cage has significantly risen from a small company into a global icon, modelling high quality DIY bamboo bird cages. The company was started by a DIY birdcage enthusiast, who has lived and worked in Asia for a few years. Our love for bird cages began near his village, where he used to watch the local families model traditional handmade bird cages.

As we continued to traverse the region, visiting neighboring countries on work trips, we are able to see the diverse applications of handcrafted bird cages and the elegance they portrayed in every setting. Contrary to expectations, the love for beautiful traditional bird cages kept growing and, in a short twist, DIY Bird Cage was formed in 2015. And, it is now one of the leading companies for DIY bamboo bird cages not only in Asia but, across the world.

Our Products

DIY Bird Cage mainly specializes in DIY bamboo bird cages, which are offered in diverse sizes to choose from. We provide standard bamboo bird cage components and parts for constructing Extra-large, Large, Medium and Small DIY bird cages.

All the parts and components are shipped as flat packs, which you can easily put together on your own with clear instructions that we will also provide whenever you acquire our products. These DIY bamboo bird cage components are hand crafted and modeled in our family workshop and, come in complete packages that you can simply assemble without any additional requirements.

Our products are readily available and, can always be shipped to you whenever and wherever you wish in just a short time. We also have Customer Care assistants to help you in choosing the most suitable components for the DIY bamboo bird cage that you need. In this way, you are always covered in every step of the way.

Our Mission

Our company is committed to delivering the best DIY bamboo bird cages for housing birds and a wide range of other applications including, décorations at affordable prices for every customer across the world.

Despite your location, we always work round-the-clock to make sure that you are able to receive the shipment of the ordered products right on time.

Do not hesitate to talk to us for the best quality, dependable and affordable DIY bamboo bird cages for keeping birds, decoration, crafts projects and other applications.