Birds are great companions to keep in your home. As the owner of the birds, you have a responsibility of making sure that they are enjoying every moment of their “stay”. And, one of the basic needs for keeping birds in your home is a bird cage. When your birds have proper shelter, they are able to live happily and also feel safe in their new environment. However, buying bird cages can be expensive, especially when you have to ship in the products.

The most convenient and less costly option for offering your feathered friends better and customized shelter is through a DIY bird cage. In fact, there are numerous benefits of obtaining DIY bamboo bird cages over other kinds of bird cages. A DIY bird cage is a cheaper option that can help you save quite a lot of money when building a bird cage for your pets. Even in terms of shipping costs, DIY bird cages are less costly, since it is cheaper to ship only the specific components to build the bird cage.

Apart from just offering safe and comfortable shelters for your birds, DIY bamboo bird cages can also be great for decorations in the home or during events like, parties. In fact, most people today use DIY bamboo bird cages for a wide range of home décor applications including, chandeliers, planters, centerpieces, lamps, lights among others. DIY bird cages are becoming very popular in decorations mainly because they have a unique aesthetic appeal and also very economical in terms of costs.

At DIY Bird Cage, we offer a huge selection of the best DIY bamboo bird cages, which you can use to house your birds and also decorate the home for a unique style. And, we remain committed to providing the best quality and affordable DIY bamboo bird cages for a wide range of applications and uses. With us, you are also guaranteed highly reliable products, which can always be shipped to you in the shortest time, anywhere across the world.

Our Products

We specialize in the making and selling of DIY bamboo bird cages, which are not only recommended for their distinct appeal and durability but, also cost-effectiveness. In the provision of these products, we acknowledge the fact that people usually have diverse needs and preferences when it comes to bird cages. Therefore, our DIY bamboo bird cages are offered in a wide range of sizes and designs to choose from. Besides, we also provide DIY bamboo bird cage parts and components that you can use to create a unique design for the particular bird types or space that you intend to decorate.

DIY Bamboo Bird Cage Sizes

Bird cage size is one of the most important elements of comparison when shopping for the products. And, that is why our company offers a wide selection of DIY bamboo bird cage sizes. Our bird cages can be obtained in the following sizes;

Benefits of our DIY Bamboo Bird Cages

Unlike other bird cage materials, our DIY bamboo bird cages offer great benefits that will enable you to deliver the best shelter for your birds without spending more. The following are some of the main advantages of our DIY bamboo bird cages, which make them an ideal choice for keeping birds in your home;

Flexibility in bird cage design

One of the main reasons to always choose our DIY bamboo bird cages is, they offer total freedom on how the bird cage is designed. In fact, you can always get DIY bamboo bird cage components that are cut and designed for the particular bird cage size that you need. This gives you an easier time in creating unique bird cages for your feathered friends.

With the flexibility in the designs of our DIY bamboo bird cages, they are also ideal for home décor. In fact, you can always come up with the best design for a bird cage to use in creating a unique beautification aspect on your garden, event or entire home. Depending on how you want the bird cage to look, you can even add some accessories or elements onto it during assembling.

Easy to assemble and set up

Another benefit of our DIY bamboo bird cages is their ease of assembly and use. All the components of the bird cages are skillfully designed to standard and, offered in a flat pack such that you only need to fix them using ordinary glue, pliers and a blade. In fact, the components are very easy to fix and, you can always do it on your own in just a short time since we will also give you instructions on how to assemble the components.

Durable bird cages

Although it is not very common, bamboo is a very strong material for construction of bird cages. In fact, bird cages that are made from bamboo are known to last longer since they are not affected by environmental and weather changes. Besides, bamboo can also withstand termites and other rodents, which also makes them quite safer for keeping birds. Even if you have larger birds, it is not easy for them to break out of the cages due to the strength of bamboo.

Environmental friendly

Our DIY bamboo bird cages are made from dried bamboo, which does not pose any risk or danger to the environment. Even in harsh conditions, bamboo can maintain its appeal for a very long period of time. As a result of this, there is always an assurance of the safety of your birds in the cages.

Besides, most of the components of bamboo bird cages that we offer are handcrafted, which means they have no risk of harmful industrial substances that could affect the health of your birds. These bird cages can be used both indoors and outdoors without any risk or danger to your environment and birds.


Bamboo is not manufactured in industries instead, it is grown in farms from where they are harvested for DIY bamboo bird cage construction and other uses. As a result of this, it is more economical than several other bird cage materials like, stainless steel, wrought iron, acrylic, glass and brass. If you are looking to save more money on bird cages, a DIY bamboo bird cage is always the most cost-effective option to go for.

Why Choose DIY Bird Cage

There are several reasons why you should always choose DIY bamboo bird cages from DIY bird Cage. Our company is a licensed DIY bamboo bird cage dealer with a commitment to delivering the best quality and affordable products to suit the specific needs of every customer. By choosing our company for these products, you are guaranteed the following;

Diverse DIY bamboo bird cage sizes to choose from

Our company offers a variety of DIY bamboo bird cage sizes to choose from like, Extra-large, Large, Medium and Small Bird Cages. Our standard bamboo bird cages are available in the dimensions of 47 cm Height x 57 cm (including the crown) x 35 cm diameter.

DIY bamboo bird cages for all bird types and home décor

With our DIY bamboo bird cages, you can always get the most suitable shelter for the particular type of bird that you keep. Since all our DIY bamboo bird cages are offered in parts, you can easily assemble them to create the most suitable shelter for just any type of bird that you keep.

Even if you need the bamboo bird cage for home decoration, the parts can still be assembled in any way that you choose for the desired appeal. In fact, handcrafted DIY bamboo bird cages can create a unique aesthetic appeal in your environment. On the other hand, our DIY bamboo bird cages can also make great presents.

Our DIY bird cages can serve quite a number of purposes other than just keeping birds. In fact, the bird cages can also be alternatively used as planters, chandeliers, lamp stands among others.

Affordable DIY bamboo bird cages for every budget

Our company offers a wider selection of the most affordable DIY bamboo bird cages, which can always be shipped to you anywhere in the world in the shortest time. With our products, you can always save so much more when it comes to buying and shipping DIY bamboo bird cages. Since the components can be assembled by the owner, there is usually very little expenditure on your part.

Dependable Customer Service

At DIY Bird Cage, we are always committed to meeting the specific demands of every customer. Our company has a team of Customer Service assistants to attend to customers round-the-clock. Besides, we also make sure that every client is able to get the ordered products at their own convenience. As soon as your order is confirmed, the product will be shipped to you within the given deadline. We always respond to customers within 24 hours for greater convenience. And, our company can always ship the products to you anywhere across the world.

Get in touch with us for the best quality, reliable and affordable DIY bamboo bird cages. You can also check out our blog for more information about bird cage products and accessories.