Bird Cage Cover

There have been different opinions on whether bird cages should be covered. In fact, some bird keepers have even raised questions on the most desirable times for using bird cage covers. However, these do not eliminate the unique benefits of using bird cage covers. There are quite a number of people using bird cage covers on different bird cage styles, sizes and also types. This could only confirm the essential role played by bird cage covers when it comes to the safety, comfort and health of birds.

Bird cage covers are spread over bird cages, whereby they work more like blankets or bed sheets for the birds.  They can effectively shield birds from the cold whenever the temperatures drop while also retaining warmth inside the enclosure. As a result of this, they can go a long way in creating a cozy and comfortable home for your feathered pets. Generally, bird cage covers are used to give a sign to the birds that it is sleeping time and they should retire to their sleeping areas within the enclosures.

Using a bird cage cover can also imitate the perfect nests used by birds in the natural habitats. This is mainly because, they can prevent light from the house or other areas close by from penetrating into the cage, thereby offering them a more serene environment for better sleep. On the other hand, bird cage covers can also play an important role in keeping birds safe from night frights. Hence, your birds will be able to enjoy greater comfort during the entire period of their sleep.

Choosing Bird Cage Covers

Although some people usually use old blankets or bed sheets to cover their birds’ cages, they are not usually as efficient as typical bird cage covers. You need to choose the best bird cage cover in order to ensure that your birds are safe and enjoying the sleep. The following are some of the main factors to always consider when choosing bird cage covers;

Fabric of the bird cage cover

Bird cage covers can be made from various kinds of fabrics. However, your focus should be on finding a bird cage cover fabric that is durable and tightly woven. Fabrics with loose hanging threads could be dangerous to birds as some could find themselves entangled in the threads. Besides, it is also advisable that you choose a fabric that is easy to clean for better hygiene of the bird cage.

Remember, bird cage covers are supposed to shield birds from any form of ambient light that could interfere with their sleep. Thus, it is important that you choose a fabric that is opaque or cannot easily allow the penetration of light into the enclosure.  On the other hand, an ideal fabric for bird cage cover should also be able to retain warmth within the bird cage. This means you need a fabric that is not too light.

In terms of bird cage cover fabric, you should also strive to acquire one that is safe and does not have any impact on birds. An ideal fabric should provide proper ventilation for your birds while also keeping them away from the cold. Besides, you may also want to consider obtaining a bird cage cover fabric that can blend in well with the décor of your aviary or home.

Size of the bird cage

When choosing bird cage covers, it is also important to keep in mind the size of your bird cage. Since bird cage covers are spread to cover the entire enclosure, you need one that is designed or cut to the size of the enclosures that you have. For the bird cage cover to effectively work for your birds, it should be relatively larger than the size of your bird cage. However, that should not scare you since the covers are usually designed for various bird cage sizes to choose from.

Bird cage cover price

When choosing prices, always try as much as you can to avoid cheap bird cage covers since most of them are usually low quality. Instead, go for one that is durable, safe, easy to clean, comfortable, suitable for your bird cage size and also pocket friendly.

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