How Much Does a Typical Bird Cage Cost and Price?

This is a question that most people are bothered with from time to time when buying bird cages. It should be noted that there is usually no specific price for bird cages since the products vary from one brand, material, style, size, shape, type and color to another. In fact, a typical bird cage cost and price will mainly depend on the particular aspects or elements of the structure’s design. However, this should not scare you into believing that bird cages are expensive and not easy to acquire.

There are several brands of bird cages offered in quality materials, standard sizes, shapes, types and colors, which you can easily acquire at affordable prices. These can serve various applications including, housing birds, home décor among others. The only trick is, you need to know how to get a good quality bird cage for a cost and price that suits your budget. The following tips will help you in finding the best bird cage for your needs and budget;

Compare the prices of different bird cage styles

The style of a bird cage usually has a lot to do with its cost and price. Those bird cage styles with more components, parts and accessories usually cost more than simple designs. In fact, bird cage styles that entail a lot of detailing can be expensive mainly because of the materials required and also skills put into the work. On the contrary, bird cage styles with few components and accents usually require less materials and work, making them much cheaper to build and also acquire.

Consider the material of the bird cage

Of the numerous bird cage materials, there are some that are quite expensive to manufacture and design like, stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, glass, wire, plexiglass and acrylic. These bird cage materials are industrially manufactured and, this makes the cost of enclosures made from them relatively higher than those that are constructed from readily available materials like, wood and bamboo. Wooden and bamboo bird cages are very economical in terms of construction and maintenance, which also makes them affordable.

Check the prices of different bird cage sizes

Generally, a large or extra-large bird cage requires more materials and labor to build than a small or medium sized enclosure. As a result of this, small and medium sized bird cages are relatively cheaper than large and extra-large structures. On the other hand, 18 by 18 and custom bird cages can even be more costly since they require a special treatment when it comes to construction. However, the prices of the bird cages could sometimes go down or up depending on the other elements or aspects of the bird cage design.

Look into the cost of every bird cage shape and color

Bird cages can also be designed into various shapes and colors, which also have an impact on the overall cost and price. In terms of the work put into the construction of the enclosure, long and wide shapes can be more affordable than round bird cages. On the other hand, bird cages designed in common colors like, white and black are also relatively cheaper than those with customized colors.

Compare prices based on bird cage brands

The cost and price of bird cages can also depend on the particular brand that you need. Although every brand usually brags about offering the best quality products for less, you should always be very cautious about cheap bird cage brands. They may be good in terms of saving money but, usually come with several risks that could make the enclosures very costly in the long run. Simply identify a bird cage brand that is renowned for quality products and offered at a reasonable price range.

The Best Quality and Affordable Bird Cage

Instead of spending so much time searching for a good bird cage cost and price, simply get a DIY bamboo bird cage. These enclosures are designed in standard sizes to easily fit into various spaces and comfortably shelter all types of birds. Unlike other bird cages, DIY bamboo bird cages are strong, versatile, stylish and also less costly to acquire and build. With a DIY bamboo bird cage, you are able to deliver an ideal housing for your birds while also displaying a unique touch of elegance in your home without spending more.