Wrought Iron Bird Cage

Wrought iron bird cages are among those considered the most durable and, this is attributed to the high strength of wrought iron. However, that is not the only quality of wrought iron that makes it one of the common bird cage materials. Wrought iron is also soft and ductile, characteristics that also give it an upper hand in the construction of bird cages. In case you are planning to buy a wrought iron birdcage, it is always advisable that you first get to know some of the key strengths and potential risks of this bird cage in order to determine whether it is the best choice for keeping your feathered pets or other applications.

Properties of Wrought Iron Bird Cages

Wrought iron usually has various characteristics, all playing an important role in determining the value of wrought iron birdcages. The following are key properties of wrought iron bird cages that you should keep in mind when buying the products;


Wrought iron has very high elastic and tensile strength, characteristics that ensures the durability of enclosures made from it. In fact, studies show that the more wrought iron is worked, the stronger it becomes. As a result of this, wrought iron birdcages can be very safe for bird keeping since they cannot be easily damaged by intruders. Even if you have birds that like to poke at things, they cannot break the enclosure. Considering the strength of this material, wrought iron birdcages can be very long lasting if used properly and accorded good care.

Highly malleable

The malleability of wrought iron makes it quite versatile when it comes to bird cage construction. It can be easily designed into numerous shapes, sizes and forms. This property ensures wrought iron bird cages can be obtained in a wide range of styles, sizes and also shapes. Considering the malleability of wrought iron, the enclosures can be easily repurposed into numerous designs for home decorations. However, wrought iron birdcages can also be used for beautification just as they are without altering their designs and construction.

Easy to clean

Wrought iron bird cages are also easier to clean by simply wiping off the surfaces. In case you are using the enclosure for rearing birds, you will need to add a disinfectant when cleaning in order to fight germs and pathogens. However, the cleaning procedure often requires just water and a piece of cloth. In case you are not sure of how to go about cleaning wrought iron bird cages, it is advisable to talk to your dealer in order to avoid making a mistake.


One of the qualities of wrought iron that gives it a stylish appeal is its softness. On the outside, wrought iron has a fine look, which makes it quite elegant in bird cages. In fact, this is a key feature that makes the enclosure ideal for home décor. Collectors for home décor can use wrought iron bird cages in numerous ways to enhance the beauty of their spaces. Wrought iron birdcages can act as chandeliers, planters, lamp holders and also centerpieces displayed across the garden, in the backyard or indoors.


Despite the strength, malleability, easier cleaning and elegance of wrought iron bird cages, they also have certain risks that you should know about. Wrought iron is usually prone to corrosion, which can uniformly or selectively affect the structure. Besides, wrought iron can also become rusty after sometime, especially when used together with other materials like, zinc or copper. Another demerit of wrought iron is that it cannot withstand high temperatures or intense heat.

Although corrosion and rust can be prevented through painting or galvanizing wrought iron bird cages, the procedures may not effectively erase all the risks. Corrosion and rust can impact health risks on birds and also weaken the structure. On the other hand, paint works and galvanization processes could also endanger the health of birds.

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