Bird Cage Materials

The material from which a bird cage is designed usually has so much to do with the lifespan of the structure, safety of your birds and even the price and cost of the product. As a result of this, it is one of the most important factors to always consider when shopping for bird cages. For the best experience with any bird cage, you should always go for a product that is constructed from a safe and durable bird cage material.

Generally, there are various kinds of materials recommended for and used in the construction of bird cages. Some of the most common bird cage materials include;

Wooden Bird Cage

Wooden bird cages are made from various kinds of timber. Wooden bird cages are constructed from pieces or planks of dry wood cut into different dimensions and shapes. However, the wood may sometimes need to be passed through a series of surface treatments to prevent termites and rodents that might weaken the material and put the birds at risk.

Stainless Steel Metal Bird Cage

A stainless steel metal bird cage is modelled from stainless steel panels and bars. Stainless steel is a material that is generally considered a very durable. In fact, it is one of the strongest metals in the world. However, stainless steel bars and panels used in building bird cages are also accorded certain treatments like, paint work and galvanization to prevent effects of corrosion and rust.

Wrought Iron Bird Cage

Wrought iron bird cages are mainly preferred because of the malleability, strength, softness and elegant appeal of the material. Wrought iron can be easily molded into diverse sizes and shapes. Similar to most metals, wrought iron bird cages usually require surface finishing to shield the material from corrosion and other impacts of variations in atmospheric conditions.

Bamboo Bird Cage

Of all the popular bird cage materials, bamboo is always considered an ideal option mainly because it does not require any industrial procedures. Bamboo bird cages are made from dry bamboo, which is naturally strong and does not require any surface treatments or finishes. These qualities make bamboo quite safe for bird cage construction. Besides, bamboo is also less costly compared to several bird cage materials, hence, very economical.

Acrylic Bird Cage

Acrylic is a material that is very light in weight, soft and also easy to clean. These are some of its unique properties that make it one of the best materials for bird cage construction. Since acrylic is soft and also industrially made, acrylic bird cages can be easily crafted into a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes.

Brass Bird Cage

Brass bird cages are also considered durable mainly due to the strength of the material. Another unique quality of brass that gives it an upper hand in bird cage construction is, it can withstand varying temperatures and, also resistant to rust and corrosion. On the other hand, brass bird cages are also easy to clean.

Glass Bird Cage

Glass bird cages are not only strong but, also very stylish, which makes them a great option for rearing birds and home décor. Besides, glass is not affected by changes in weather or temperatures and, also quite easier to clean. However, glass bird cages usually require a lot of care on the part of users due to the fragility of the material.

Plexiglas Bird Cage

Also known as acrylic glass, Acrylite among other names, Plexiglas is a transparent material that looks more similar to glass and plastic but, manufactured from a combination of different industrial substances. Plexiglas bird cages are strong, light in weight and can also be cleaned with a lot of ease.

Wire Bird Cage

Most wire bird cages are made of copper wires but, you can also find other varieties. Although wires account for most components of the enclosure, other materials can also be included for certain features and accessories of the structure. Wire bird cages are also considered durable, light in weight and easier to clean.

The Best Quality and Affordable Bird Cage Material

Generally, all these common bird cage materials have unique properties that make them suitable for bird cage construction. However, it should be noted that there is always a lot that you need to look into before choosing a particular material in order to end up with the best enclosure that is strong, safe, easy to clean and also affordable. Remember the material of a bird cage can have greater impacts on the comfort and health of birds as well as the cost of the structure.

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