Special Bird Cages for Flight and Travels

Special bird cages for flight and travels are mainly designed for housing birds while on transit. Although most people usually think that special bird cages for travel and flights are only for use during long haul trips, they can also be convenient for short trips to the vet as well as leisure travels with your birds. The enclosures can also come in handy during emergencies whereby the birds need to be moved to an alternative location.

Since most bird species are not used to traveling, moving them in the same bird cages that they are kept can be very tricky. Apart from just the discomfort of traveling in typical bird cages, the enclosures can also put your birds at risk. And, that is why it is always advisable that you have a special bird cage for flight and travels when planning a trip with birds. Instead of waiting until the time of travel, you should have the enclosures in advance and even take some time teaching the birds about them so they are not scared during the trip.

Things to Consider when Buying Special Bird Cage for Flight and Travels

Similar to other common bird cages, special bird cages for flight and travels also come in diverse designs to choose from. The following are some of the main factors that you should consider when buying special bird cages for flight and travel in order to get the most suitable one;

Bird Type

The types of birds that you intend to transport have a greater bearing on the particular size of bird cage for flight and travel. In case you are having large-sized birds, you need a transporter that offers adequate space for them to freely turn around and stand while on transit. For birds with strong beaks, you will need a bird cage that is strong enough to withstand damage from the movements of birds and even those that may try to chew the material. For smaller birds, you need transporters with smaller gaps or bar spacing so they can feel more secure while traveling.

Manageability of the bird cages

A good special bird cage for flight and travel should also be manageable and easy to fit into the vehicle or car that you are traveling in. Besides, it should also be easy to move around with. The best bird cage for flight and travel should be accorded a durable construction but, also light in weight so you do not have problems moving around with it in the car or carrying it. The enclosure should have a handle for carrying it as well as fasteners or straps for attaching it to the seat of your car. This is important in ensuring that the bird cage remains in place when traveling on bad roads or even in the event of accidents.

It is also advisable that you choose a bird cage that is easier to clean. Those with slide out trays offer easier cleaning while on transit without letting the birds out. On the other hand, you may want to consider a bird cage with a bottom grill so the birds do not come into direct contact with substrates.

Bird cage accessories

While traveling, you may not have the time to feed your birds or even change the toys and accessories used therein. As a result, it is also important that you choose a bird cage for flight and travel that can easily work with essential accessories like feeders, perches among others. Choose an enclosure that can comfortably accommodate your birds, food bowls, water bottles and other important accessories. Although some carriers are designed with these features, there are also others that may not have them.

Airline approved bird cages for flight and travels

Airline companies usually have their own recommendations on special bird cages for flight and travels. In case you are planning to travel with your birds on a plane, it would be advisable to inquire about the bird cages that are approved by the airline company. This will help you avoid inconvenience at the time of travel.

When choosing special bird cages for flight and travels, you may also want to consider the climate. For instance, if you you will be traveling in hot climate, it would be ideal to get a bird cage with proper ventilation so your birds can feel comfortable throughout the trip.