Bird Cage Reviews

Although the market is flooded with numerous options for those seeking bird cages, finding the most suitable enclosure for your pets, home and budget can still be a great challenge. Considering that every bird cage manufacturer claims to deliver the best quality products, most customers always find it quite hard to decide on a particular bird cage to acquire. However, obtaining a bird cage is like an investment and, it is always important that you get the best value for money.

In order to easily determine some of the best bird cages to consider for housing your birds, decoration among other applications, you should at least read a few bird cage reviews. The following bird cage reviews highlight some of the ideal bird cages in the market and, why you should consider them when looking for a safe and comfortable home for your feathered friends;

DIY Bamboo Bird Cages

This is one of the best bird cages to acquire for sheltering birds and home décor. DIY bamboo bird cages are offered in flat packs containing readily designed parts and components for building the structure at your own convenience. In the flat packs, you will also be able to find spare parts and clear DIY instructions for assembling the entire enclosure at home.

The main benefit of DIY bamboo bird cages is, they are very economical and easier to handle than most bird cages. Assembling the components is quite simple such that you can even leave the task to children. In order to assemble the structure, you will only need glue, flat blade and pliers, which can be easily obtained at home.

DIY bamboo bird cages are also very stylish and can easily complement the décor of just any home or space. Apart from just housing birds, these structures can also serve as unique accessories for home décor. DIY bamboo bird cages can be used as they are or repurposed to serve as lamps and lights, chandeliers, planters, centerpieces among other decorative elements.

Unlike most bird cage materials, DIY bamboo bird cages are strong, long lasting and can also withstand both weather and environmental changes. As a result of this, they can work perfectly indoors as well as outdoors, sheltering birds and decorating the home.

Stainless Steel Bird Cages

Stainless steel bird cages are also a popular choice for keeping birds. They are mainly recommended because of the sturdy construction and durability of stainless steel. Besides, stainless steel bird cages can also be quite elegant and available in a wide range of styles, making them great for decorating various sections of the home.

Despite the durability and aesthetic appeal of stainless steel bird cages, they can be costly considering the materials are industrially manufactured. Besides, stainless steel bird cages can also be harmful, especially when the steel is galvanized or plated. The best stainless steel for bird cages should be powder coated to prevent problems like corrosion and rust.

Stainless steel is a material that can be very challenging to handle, especially if you are making the enclosure on your own. On the other hand, maintaining stainless steel bird cages can also cost you a lot of money on maintenance since the material usually require some kind of special treatments to preserve its condition. As a result of this, stainless steel bird cages can be very expensive to acquire and also maintain.

Wooden Bird Cages

Wooden bird cages have been around for many centuries and even now, they are still among the most sought after enclosures for keeping birds and decorations. Wooden bird cages are offered in a wide range of styles and sizes to choose from, which makes them quite flexible in terms of application. Besides, they are also less costly than stainless steel and other metallic bird cages.

However, wooden bird cages can also present some setbacks, which could greatly distort the quality of the bird cage. For example, if the wood used in constructing the enclosure is treated, it could become harmful to birds. Besides, some wooden bird cages can also not withstand changes in environmental and weather conditions, making them to swell or shrink. Wooden bird cages are also easily affected by termites, which can weaken the structures and shorten their lifespan.


In order to deliver the best housing for birds and unique décor for your home, always choose DIY bamboo bird cages. These are available in standard sizes to accommodate all types of birds in every space.