Small DIY Bird Cage

A small bird cage is a great option that you can also go for when choosing bird cage sizes. Similar to extra-large, large and medium bird cages, small bird cages can also serve quite a wide range of applications including, rearing birds, and home decorations among others. On the other hand, a small bird cage can also be used both indoors and outdoors by simply placing it on a surface or hanging. However, that is not all about this enclosure, a small DIY bamboo bird cage has other qualities that you should also know when planning to get one or more.

Benefits of Small Bird Cage

There are various features of our small DIY bamboo bird cages, which make them an ideal choice for most bird keepers and home décor collectors. The following are main reasons why you should always choose our small DIY bamboo bird cages;

Suitable for limited spaces

In case you are planning to keep birds but, worried about the limitations of space in your home, simply go for a small DIY bamboo bird cage. Due to its smaller design, the bird cage can properly fit into squeezed spaces. Whether you place it on a surface or hang it, a small bird cage can be a great way to conserve space. Owing to this, small bird cages can also serve you better in home decorations since you can include several of them in strategic locations across the garden or home. However, the bird cage can only house one or a few small birds at a time.

Sturdy construction

Despite the small size of this bird cage, its parts and components are made from very strong bamboo. In fact, almost 90 percent of the bird cage is designed from bamboo, which is not only strong but, also long lasting. It is not usually affected by rodents and termites, which contributes to its longevity. Besides, bamboo can also maintain its strength and appeal in diverse weather and climatic conditions. Even if you have birds that like to poke the walls or surfaces of their cages, bamboo is strong enough to withstand such forms of damage.

Safe for birds and the environment

Unlike other bird cage materials like, wrought iron, stainless steel and acrylic that usually harmful industrial substances, our small DIY bamboo bird cages are harvested from local farms and handcrafted in our workshop. As a result of this, there is always no risk of infections or harm to your birds and also the environment. Another aspect of safety in our small bird cages is based on bar spacing. Each of the small bird cages are designed with proper bar spacing that your birds cannot pass through once the door is closed.

Easy and quick assembly

Unlike extra-large, large and medium bird cages, small bird cages have minimal components, which only makes your work much easier when assembling it.  In fact, assembling a small bird cage can always take a very short time and, you can even leave the task to your children. All our products come with simple instruction manuals for use in assembling each. And, there are no complicated additional requirements for assembling the structure. You will only need a pliers, ordinary glue and a flat blade to perform all the procedures.

Elegant design

This also another feature of our small DIY bamboo bird cages, which make them great decorative elements for homes, gardens among other spaces. Even if you use the bird cage for sheltering your pets, it can still deliver a unique appeal in your home or aviary. Since the products are shipped as components that customers can easily assemble on their own, you can also include additional accessories or aspects to portray the particular theme that you intend to bring out through the enclosure. As chandeliers, lamp stands or even planters, small bird cages can still deliver a stylish attraction in your environment.

The Best Small DIY Bamboo Bird Cage

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