Common Bird Cage Design

Bird cages are the most suitable structures for keeping birds in the aviary or home. Besides, they are also unique pieces for decorations used in homes, business establishments as well as events like, weddings and parties. As a result of this, each of these enclosures is usually accorded a distinct design for a wide range of applications. Depending on your reasons for obtaining a bird cage, you should always be able to choose an ideal design that can serve those applications. In order to do this, you need to know the main elements or aspects of common bird cage design.

The Key Elements of Common Bird Cage Design

The design of bird cages usually vary from one to another but, there are also several common elements shared by all the structures, which you should always consider in order to get the most suitable one for your pets, home décor and budget. The following are key elements of common bird cage design that you should know about;

Bird cage Sizes

Since bird cages can be used in various kinds of spaces and, also for diverse applications, they are usually offered in a wide range of sizes to select. The popular bird cages sizes are, small, medium, large and extra-large. However, there are also 18 x 18 and custom bird cages that you can also opt for in case you are unable to get the perfect fit for your space from the standard sizes.

Bird cage Materials

Today, bird cages come in a huge selection of materials, each with variable strengths and shortcomings that you should know before opting for any. The common bird cage materials include, stainless steel, bamboo, wood, plexiglass, acrylic, wrought iron, brass, glass and wire. Besides, there are also some bird cages that are designed from a combination of two or more of these materials. However, these are mainly available only on pre-order.

Bird cage Styles

These enclosures are also available in various styles, which you can select based on the setting or theme of your home, intended applications and budget. The common bird cage styles that you can easily find include, hanging, antique, Victorian, vintage, modern, exotic, breeding, outdoor, Chinese, playtop, standing and double bird cages. For those who may need unique or personalized bird cage styles, it would be advisable to order a custom bird cage from a good dealer.

Bird cage Types

Another element of common bird cage design is the type of birds. Today, there are bird cages for specific bird types that you can easily choose depending on the types of birds that you have. The most popular bird cage types include, cockatoo, cockatiel, parrot, parakeet, budgies, canary, doves, macaws, parrotlet and finches bird cages. Each of these enclosures is designed with special features and accessories to imitate the natural habitats of every bird type, thereby ensuring their comfort and safety in the aviary or home.

Bird cage Shapes and Colors

Bird cage shapes and colors are also a unique element of common bird cage design that can play an important role in determining the application of the enclosure as well as enhancing their aesthetic appeal, especially when it comes to decorations. Bird cages are mainly offered in round, long and wide shapes. In terms of bird cage colors, the structures are usually designed in white and black colors, which can easily blend in with different themes and decorative accents.

Bird cage Brands

In an attempt to meet the increasing demand for bird cages, manufacturers of these products have come up with various kinds of bird cage brands to choose from. The most popular bird cage brands that you may consider when buying the enclosures include, Hagen Vision, Hendryz, California and Prevue. Although each of these brands claim to deliver the best bird cages, you should never base your choices on the words of manufacturers. Instead, find a bird cage brand that offers quality and affordable products.

The Best Bird Cage for Rearing Birds and Elegant Home Décor

Choosing bird cages based on all these elements can be time consuming and also very challenging. Therefore, you need a bird cage with a unique design that can comfortably shelter birds while also enhancing the décor of your space. And, the right bird cage to go for is a DIY bamboo bird cage. Simply talk to us for the best DIY bamboo bird cage.