DIY Paper Bird Cage

A DIY paper bird cage is a great item for decorating the home and, also a wide range of occasions like, weddings, parties among others. Unlike wire and even bamboo bird cages, these ones are not meant for keeping birds. Instead, they are mainly paper crafts projects for shaping your skills and keeping your hands busy. And, that is one of the reasons they are among the common crafts projects for children in school.

DIY paper bird cages can be created into different designs for a wide range of presentations and decorations. Creating DIY paper bird cages is fun and can always help you spend some of your time without being idle. In fact, you can even assign your kids to work on the projects as a way of keeping them busy and also testing their abilities to follow instructions independently or as a group. Nevertheless, a DIY paper bird cage can serve a whole lot of applications that demand a show or creativity and unique style.

Applications of DIY Paper Bird Cages

There are various ways through which you can use a DIY paper bird cage to enhance the décor of your space, portray your unique abilities in crafts projects and bring out a distinct style in your event. In fact, there is usually greater flexibility when it comes to how or where DIY paper bird cages can be used. The following are some of the best applications of DIY paper bird cages that you may consider;

  • Home decorations as wall hangings, centerpieces and flower holders
  • Weddings for holding cards, flowers, gifts and also general beautification
  • Birthday parties for holding special messages, cards and gifts
  • School and past time crafts projects for both children and adults

In most occasions, those who create DIY paper bird cages usually do it for the applications listed above. However, the demand for these unique ornaments has brought in a business aspect to them. You can now create DIY paper bird cages purposely for sale. This can be a great and easier way for making some extra cash. You can opt to design and sell them as components for people to assemble on their own or build complete DIY paper bird cages that can be used straight from the package.

Tips for Creating DIY Paper Bird Cages

Provided you have all the requirements for DIY paper bird cages, making these ornamental items can be very easy. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind so as to come up with the best DIY paper bird cage for decorating your home, wedding, party or any other application. The following tips can help you in creating the best DIY paper bird cage;

Know the right materials and tools

DIY paper bird cages are mainly designed from sheets of paper, cut into different parts and components, which are then glued together to create the whole structure. The paper used should be strong and easy to work with. The other requirements that you should also have include, paper glue or tape, scissors or paper cutter and ribbons. However, the list of requirements and tools will be based on the particular application of the DIY paper bird cage.

Get clear instructions for building DIY a paper bird cage

Even with all the requirements and tools for the project, you still need instructions on how to go about every step. Today, there are several DIY paper bird cage tutorials that you can easily acquire online for use at your own convenience. However, the instructions can sometimes vary based on the style and size of the bird cage to be created.

Take your time

Creating a DIY paper bird cage may look quite simple and easy to most people but, it can also be humiliating if you are in a hurry. Based on the given instructions, you should take your time to study them carefully and understand every step before beginning. As you get to the work, try to be very keen when cutting papers and joining them. Failure to pay attention to every detail can cause minor accidents like, cuts, which might even interfere with the whole project.

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