Wire Bird Cage

Wire bird cages are used in most aviaries and homes today mainly because of their unique aesthetic appeal, light weight and versatility. Others who have used wire bird cages also say the enclosures are relatively cheaper than most bird cage materials like, stainless steel, glass and wrought iron bird cages. Although some people who own wire bird cages claim to have built them individually, the enclosures are also available in the market from where you can simply buy one or more for keeping your feathered pets or decorating the home.

Characteristics of Wire Bird Cage

Before buying a wire bird cage, it is important that you know some of the key characteristics of the bird cage material. This will help you in making an informed choice on whether wire bird cages are the best pick for your birds and home. The following are some of the main features of wire bird cages that you should know about;


This is one of the main reasons most people buy wire bird cages. The enclosures usually come in a wide range of intricate designs with a unique appeal. Wire bird cages are constructed in numerous bird cage shapes including, round and elongated shapes with domed tops. Besides, they can also be obtained in numerous colors to suit diverse environments. The enclosures can serve a wide range of applications in home décor.

In most occasions, wire bird cages are used as card holders, candle stands, planters, centerpieces and gift baskets. Depending on the décor of your aviary or home, you can choose to add more accents to the enclosure. However, wire bird cages can still deliver a unique touch of style just as they are.

Light in weight

Wire bird cages usually have a distinct design that is mainly achieved by the use of minimal components in their construction. Basically, the cages are made from strands of wrapped all round and also at the bottom. However, the bottom of wire bird cages can also be designed with other materials like, wood or plastic. Sometimes, they are also designed using wire mesh, which is very light in weight.

The light weight of wire bird cages makes them quite easy to handle. The enclosure can be easily moved from one point to another across the home. In case you a frequent visitor to bird watching corners, wire bird cages can be an ideal enclosure to use for sheltering your birds. Considering the light weight of wire bird cages, they can also be a good option for visiting the park and even shopping mall with your feathered pets.


Although wire bird cages have simple designs and minimal components, they are also quite durable. The enclosures are made from various kinds of wire, which are all metallic. And, this is what gives wire bird cages their strength. In fact, wire bird cages can last for even a lifetime if used appropriately and accorded proper care. However, it should be noted that the strength of wire bird cages can sometimes vary depending on the particular type of wire used in constructing the enclosure.

Easy to clean

Owing to the minimal components and simple design of wire bird cages, cleaning them is usually very easy. The structure can be simply cleaned by wiping off the wires although, you will also need to add a disinfectant in case it used for keeping birds.


Wire bird cages are undoubtedly stylish, light in weight and easy to clean. However, the choice of wires used in making the enclosure can have dire consequences on the health and safety of birds. If the enclosure is constructed from galvanized materials, it can also experience rust and corrosion, which can impact a shorter lifespan. Besides, galvanized wires can also accumulate harmful substances like, zinc. If swallowed by birds or exposed to the environment, these substances can cause various health conditions on not just birds but, even those in the home.

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