Plexiglass Bird Cage

Plexiglass is one of the most common bird cage materials today. Most people prefer plexiglass bird cages mainly because, the material is considered strong, stylish and also easier to handle. Apart from just bird cage construction, plexiglass is also used in a number of other areas. However, not even that should convince you into buying a plexiglass bird cage without knowing the full strengths and potential risks that might come with using the enclosure for sheltering your birds, home decoration or other applications.

Characteristics of Plexiglass Bird Cage

Also called acrylic glass, polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or Lucite, plexiglass is industrially manufactured in the form of transparent sheets, rods and tubes, used in making bird cages and other applications. In fact, it is often considered a cheaper alternative to glass and even polycarbonates. The following are more characteristics of plexiglass bird cages that you should keep in mind when planning to buy the enclosure;


Plexiglass is a thermoplastic achieved by polymerization; a process that involves a series of activities including, molding. Although there are several other control measures involved in the processing of plexiglass, the resulting product is tough and can withstand weathering as well as varying environmental conditions. Considering this, plexiglass bird cages are usually strong and can last for quite a long time if given proper care and maintenance.

Easy to clean

Unlike other bird cage materials that require special bird cage cleaning measures, plexiglass bird cages are quite simple to work on. Since the material resembles acrylic or plastics, you can simply clean the enclosure using a soft cloth and water. Although you may sometimes need to scrub off the surfaces during cleaning, a lot of care is advised to ensure that you do not leave scratches on the surfaces. Besides, you may also want to find an ideal disinfectant to use when cleaning in case you use a plexiglass bird cage for rearing birds.

Light weight

This is also another unique characteristic of plexiglass that makes its enclosures it a good choice for most people. Despite features or accessories included in a plexiglass bird cage, the enclosure is always very easy to handle because of the light weight of the material. Unlike other materials like, stainless steel, brass and wrought iron that contain several substances, plexiglass is manufactured from molecules or monomers. As a result of this, plexiglass bird cages are very light for easy movement of the enclosure from one location to another. This could be useful in giving your birds a taste of both the indoor and outdoor environment.


Plexiglass bird cages are not only used for sheltering birds but, can also be unique elements of decoration.  The transparency of plexiglass bird cage is one of the aspects that give it a luxurious appeal almost comparable to glass. Besides, plexiglass bird cages also some in various shapes and colors, which can also go a long way in enhancing the décor of your environment. In fact, the enclosures are designed in various styles from where you can always get one or more that perfectly complement your aviary and home.   Generally, plexiglass bird cages are among the good bird cage materials that you can choose from when looking for enclosures. However, it should also be noted that considering the industrial processes that plexiglass undergoes before the finished product is achieved, it can sometimes harbor harmful chemicals and substances. This is a potential risk that might impact health complications in birds and even harm the environment if the plexiglass used is not of the best quality.  Besides, plexiglass bird cages can also break under pressure, especially if it is not modified for constructing enclosures. On the other hand, plexiglass surfaces can also become rough if scratched. And, this can distort the feather condition of your birds.

The Best Bird Cage for Rearing Birds and Decoration

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