Wooden Bird Cage

Wooden bird cages are among the most common bird cage materials in the market today. Most people mainly prefer wooden structures mainly because they are natural, cost-effective and also elegant. Besides, wooden bird cages can be used for both bird keeping and decoration. On the other hand, bird cages can also effectively work indoors and outdoors. However, you should not choose wooden bird cages simply because of these benefits.

Qualities of Wooden Bird Cages

Before rushing into buying wooden bird cages, it is important that you first get to know about some of the features of wood. This will help you in making an informed decision on whether wooden bird cages are the best for your feathered pets or home décor. The following are some of the main properties of wood that you should keep in mind when shopping for wooden bird cages;

Available in different varieties

Generally, wooden bird cages are made of either softwood or hardwood. However, it should be noted that these can be obtained in varieties comprising, elm, mahogany, ash wood, white oak, maple among others. These varieties have unique strengths, physical appearance and prices that you should carefully choose when buying wooden bird cages.

Among the varieties of wood or timber used in bird cage construction, there are some that can effectively work without treatments and others that must be accorded surface protection against rodents, variations in temperatures and other defects. The best wooden bird cage should be made from a sustainable and safe timber.

Strong and durable

Wooden bird cages are made of dry timber that is usually very strong although, some may need industrial enhancements in order to be sustainable. With proper care, wooden bird cages can last even a lifetime. In case of damage, wood is also much easier to repair or replace. In fact, you can even do the repair works and replacements individually, which also makes wooden bird cages very economical.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning wooden bird cages is also quite easy and, does not require a lot of supplies. Wooden bird cages can be simply cleaned by wiping off the surfaces using a soft wet cloth. However, it is always advisable to know and only use the recommended cleaning products for wooden bird cages in order to avoid causing any damage to the material or endangering the health of your birds.

Elegant appeal

Wooden bird cages are also quite beautiful and, this is attributed to the elegance of timber. In fact, wooden bird cages can easily complement several elements of home décor like, furniture to create a striking look and feel in the space. Even in terms of environment, wooden bird cages can deliver a unique style both indoors and outdoors. Since the structures are designed in various styles and sizes, you can always choose a wooden bird cage that perfectly matches the theme of your aviary and home.

Light in weight and eco-friendly

Compared to stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, glass, wire and Plexiglas, wooden bird cages are light weight. And, this is characteristic that will give you an easier time during movement of the structure in and out of the home. With a wooden bird cage, you can always give your bird a taste of both the internal and external environment in your home without a lot of hassles.

Wooden bird cages are also friendly to the environment. Even in harsh environmental conditions, wood will not produce any harmful by-products or substances that could affect the health of birds and environment. This makes wooden bird cages very safe for use in various environments. However, it should be noted that there are some varieties of wood that may start to contract and relax under very high or low temperatures.

The Best Bird Cage for Rearing Birds and Decoration

Despite the numerous benefits of wooden bird cages, they also have certain demerits that might sometimes put your birds at risk. The most suitable material for bird cage construction that you should go for is bamboo. At DIY Bird Cage, we offer the best quality DIY bamboo bird cages, available in standard sizes to choose from. Our products are ideal for bird keeping, decoration and, always ready for shipping to any part of the world at the convenience of every customer.