Brass Bird Cage

Brass bird cages are among the most common bird cage materials in the market today. Manufactured from the combination of copper and zinc, brass is mainly valued for its sturdy construction, which ensures durable bird cages. Besides, brass bird cages are also known to be resistant to corrosion and rust. However, these are not the only properties of brass. The material has several other characteristics that you should also know in order to determine if brass bird cages are the best to buy.

Properties of Brass Bird Cages

The concentration of copper and zinc in brass usually varies and, sometimes, the material can also contain a little amount of lead. The following are more properties of brass that you should also have in mind when buying brass bird cages;

Strong and durable

Although brass is very easy to form into numerous shapes and forms, it can always still maintain high strength even after all those processes. Besides, brass is also resistant to spark and wear; characteristics that make brass bird cages quite strong and long lasting. On the other hand, this material is also non-magnetic and has very low friction. The manufacture of brass usually entails a series of processes including, boiling, melting, vaporization and molding, which all contribute to greater strength of brass bird cages.

Another quality of brass that makes the enclosures made from it durable is its ability to resist corrosion. Unlike other materials like, steel that are affected by corrosion when exposed to low temperatures or humid conditions, brass can withstand the test even when exposed to salty water. The copper component in brass forms an oxide layer on the surface of the material to shield it from corrosion. It also has a low melting point and friction, which enhance the durability of brass bird cages.

Easy to clean and safe

Cleaning brass bird cages do not require a lot of effort or any complicated procedures. In fact, the structure can be simply cleaned using a wet cloth.  After cleaning the structure, you can rinse with water and leave it to dry. But, those who use brass bird cages for sheltering birds should always remember to include a disinfectant when cleaning so as to fight germs and other risks of infection to birds.

Brass bird cages are also quite safe for keeping birds and, this is mainly because of brass’ bacteriostatic properties. Unlike other bird cage materials, brass cannot harbor bacteria, which plays an integral role in preventing infections in birds. Besides, brass does not have environmental impacts, thus quite safe for use in the home as well as outdoors.


Brass bird cages are not only preferred because of their structural strength and ease of cleaning. The material also has an elegant appeal that makes brass bird cages quite a great option for home decoration. Brass can be obtained in a wide range of luxurious colors including, silver, golden yellow, deep red among others. Besides, brass also has a soft appearance. All these properties give brass bird cages a unique aesthetic appeal that can effectively transform the décor of your home or environment.


Although all the properties of brass bird cages discussed above point to the positive side of the material, there are also certain risks that you should take note of. Brass bird cages that are made from brass with lead composition can be dangerous to birds and even the environment. This is because, the lead usually starts to leach after sometime. Although the impacts may not be immediately noticed, lead leaching can negatively affect the health of birds and also cause environmental degradation. Besides, the fact that brass bird cages are industrially manufactured can also make the enclosures quite expensive to acquire and maintain.

The Most Efficient, Cost-effective and Reliable Bird Cage

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