Bird Cage Products

A bird cage is a basic requirement for keeping birds, which every person thinking of rearing feathered pets should acquire. Besides, bird cages can also be great for several other applications including, home decoration, garden beautification, crafts projects among others. In fact, bird cages can serve a wide range of applications in home and garden beautification whereby they are mainly used for hanging plants, lights, as chandeliers and even centerpieces to create a unique appeal of elegance and style.

Today, DIY bamboo bird cages are becoming the most popular choice and, this is attributed to their durability, safety, ease of construction and cost effectiveness. Compared to other bird cage materials like, wrought iron, stainless steel, acrylic, brass, wood and glass, bamboo is eco-friendly and also very economical to acquire. And, that is one of the reasons our company offers quality DIY bamboo bird cages for diverse applications.

The Best DIY Bamboo Bird Cages

At DIY Bird Cage, we provide high quality DIY bamboo bird cages that can be used in keeping birds, decorating homes and events as well as other applications. Our products are not only unique but, also handcrafted to suit the specific needs of every customer. In fact, we offer the best selection to enable you to get the most suitable products for your needs, space and budget. We strive to always deliver products that can serve diverse applications so you are not inconvenienced.

In order to give you an easier time and also enable you save more on the cost of bird cages, our DIY bamboo bird cages are offered in parts and components. However, these components come in flat packs, which you only need to assemble in order to get the bird cage for the required application. The pack comes fully equipped with all the pieces and parts required to create the complete cage, including additional spares.

Assembling the components is easy and fast with just a simple manual, which we will also provide along with the product. All the products are designed to standard such that you only need to join the parts together for the complete package. In fact, the process of assembling our DIY bamboo bird cages only requires ordinary glue, pliers and a flat blade, which can even be done by children.

Standard Bird Cage Sizes

Since bird cages are used for a wide range of applications and in different spaces, we offer standard DIY bamboo bird cage sizes that can effectively serve all those needs. Although we only provide both Extra-large, Large, Medium and Small bird cages, our standard DIY bamboo bird cages are available in dimensions of 47cm x 57cm x 35cm.

The table below can give you a clearer picture of our standard DIY bamboo bird cage measurements;

Number of Bars Diameter (CM) Height (CM)
48 31 36
52 33 38
56 35 40
60 37 42
64 39 44
68 41 46
72 43 48


When comparing the measurements, you should add 7cm and 10cm to the height of every cage for the floor and crown, respectively.

Advantages of our Products

There is so much more that you can achieve with our DIY bamboo bird cages. The following are advantages of our products that have made them quite popular in the market;

Durable and safe

The products that we offer are created from the recommended bamboo and other accessories, which are strong and long lasting. Bamboo  can withstand diverse weather and environmental conditions, thus, preserving the appeal and strength of the bird cage. Besides, all the bird cage components and parts that we offer are handmade and, this ensures no traces of harsh industrial substances that could impact the quality of the enclosure and health of birds.

Bamboo also has no side effects to the environment, which makes it ideal for keeping birds and also various forms of decorations in the home. Bamboo is so hard such that even birds with strong beaks cannot easily break them, which could also contribute to the safety of your feathered companions.

Easy to assemble

Unlike building a bird cage from scratch, our DIY bamboo bird cage parts and components only require assembling. These products are shipped in flat packs, which contain all the required parts and components. Besides, we also include additional spares that you can use one part or component is damaged during shipping or assembly.

All the products have been readily designed to standard such that you only need to join them together using ordinary glue. This will not only make the work easier but, also help you save quite a lot of time and money. Whenever you order a DIY bamboo bird cage from our company, we will also make sure that instructions for assembling the parts are shipped together with the product.


Our DIY bamboo bird cages also offer an option for greater savings. Bamboo is generally cheaper than most bird cage materials and, this means that even the cost of DIY bamboo bird cages is quite lower. Besides, shipping the cages in parts is also cheaper than finished products. Since you can also assemble the parts and components on your own, our DIY bamboo bird cages are the most economical of all bird cage materials. In terms of maintenance, there is usually very little required when using bamboo bird cages.

Why Order DIY Bamboo Bird Cages from DIY Bird Cage

Finding the best DIY bamboo bird cages can be a challenge to most people but, you no longer have to go through the stress anymore. DIY Bird Cage is the ultimate dealer that can deliver the best DIY bamboo bird cages for your specific needs. We always strive to provide unique products that can effectively serve the varying needs of our customers all over the world.

The following are some of the benefits that you will experience whenever you order DIY bamboo bird cages from our company;

  • High quality DIY bamboo bird cages
  • Standard DIY bamboo bird cage sizes for every application and space
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick delivery at the convenience of every customer

For our product inquiries or orders, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can always deliver the best DIY bamboo bird cage for your birds, home décor and budget.