Bird Cage Shapes

Bird cages are usually designed in various kinds of shapes that you can easily choose from when shopping for the products. The shape of a bird cage can have significant effects on where it can be placed or hanged, how it can be used, the kind of appeal created in your home and also price of the enclosure. Bird cages are generally used for sheltering birds, home beatification and other applications but, the particular shape that you choose will determine the application of the enclosure.

As a result of this, bird cage shapes is an important factor that you should always consider when selecting bird cages. There are usually quite a number of bird cage shapes that you can find in different bird cage brands. The selection of a particular bird cage shape should be mainly based on its suitability for the space in your aviary or home and also price. However, you may also want to go for a bird cage shape that can deliver a unique style in your home décor.

The following are some of the popular bird cage shapes to consider when choosing the enclosures for your birds, home beatification or other uses;

Round Bird Cage

Apart from just the design of bird cages, round shapes have been used in quite a wide range of areas including, construction of homes, furniture, and pools among others. This is one hint that round shapes have something unique in them. One of them is, round shapes are considered very comfortable. Considering this, a round bird cage can work well towards ensuring that your birds are jovial and enjoying their stay in the aviary or home.

Round bird cages are also usually very strong in terms of structural design. This is mainly because, round-shaped cages are constructed with several interconnected points. As a result of this, the strength of the enclosure is focused on the center, which enables the bird cages to withstand varying weather conditions like, strong winds. Besides, it also ensures round bird cages can be used both indoors and outdoors. The unique aesthetic appeal of round bird cages makes them a great option not only for birds but, home décor too.

Long Bird Cage

Long bird cages are common in several bird cage brands. In fact, long-shaped enclosures are among some of the most popular in the market today. One of the main advantage of a long bird cage is that, it can easily fit into a wide range of spaces. Unlike round-shaped enclosures, a long bird cage does not usually require a lot of preparations for use in the aviary or home. Depending on the design, it can either be hanged or placed onto a surface.

The main unique feature of long bird cages lies in the measurements, which features an extended length. Due to this aspect, long bird cages are considered to be quite spacious. Although this can sometimes require adequate space for using it, it offers greater benefits to birds. All birds need sufficient space for playing, sleeping and eating, which can be found in long bird cages. The adequacy of space in a bird cage will make your birds to feel safe and also contribute to their health.

Wide Bird Cage

There are varieties of wide bird cages in the market that you can also choose for housing your pets, home décor among other applications. The key aspect of this structure is, the width of the enclosure is relatively larger in terms of dimensions. An example of a wide bird cage can be in the form of a square. One of the benefits of wide bird cages is the adequate space that they offer for birds. Even though the enclosures can be obtained in different sizes, wide bird cage is usually spacious enough to ensure the comfort of your birds.

Another property of wide bird cages is their ability to fit into different kinds of spaces. The measurements of this bird cage shape is standardized, which enables it to work better in both limited and larger spaces. Besides, a wide bird cage is also quite easier to clean since it does not have complicated designs that require special treatment during cleaning. Depending on the style that you choose, a wide bird cage can work both as a shelter for birds and also an element of home décor.


Apart from the bird cage shapes discussed above, there are also other numerous shapes that you can get. In fact, you can even opt for a custom bird cage shape, which will be designed according to your specifications. However, it should be noted that all these bird cage shapes can be delivered in diverse styles, materials, sizes, colors and also for different bird types. On the other hand, the shape of a given bird cage could also determine its price.

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