Wide Bird Cage

When choosing bird cage shapes, a wide bird cage is one of the main options that you can go for. Similar to other bird cage shapes, wide bird cages are also constructed from different materials and, in numerous styles and sizes. The key feature of a wide bird cage is that, it has the same dimensions in terms of the enclosure’s length and width. In simple terms, the enclosure assumes the form of a square or cube, which makes it ideal for rearing birds and several other applications around the home. However, there are a number of things that you need to know before opting for a wide bird cage.

Benefits of a Wide Bird Cage

There are various advantages that can be achieved from using wide bird cages. The following are some of the main benefits of a wide bird cage;


Unlike other bird cage shapes, a wide bird cage can be quite versatile in terms of application. The design of the enclosure is in a standard size that can easily fit into different spaces. In fact, the bird cage can be used in the aviary and also at home without a lot of hassles in creating space. For greater flexibility, the enclosures can be obtained in either small, medium, large, extra-large as well as custom sizes.

Wide bird cages can comfortably house birds and also serve as elements of home décor. Even if you do not have birds to keep in the enclosure, it can either be used as it is or repurposed for use in planting flowers in the garden, holding lights or as a centerpiece in some sections of the home. On the other hand, wide bird cages can also be used both indoors and outdoors.


Considering the increased widths of wide bird cages, they can also offer adequate space for birds to move around in the enclosure. In fact, the enclosure can shelter birds and still provide enough space for an assortment of accessories and toys. This is important in ensuring that you pets are comfortable and safe in the enclosure. A spacious bird cage will also give you a birds a sense of security. The adequacy of space in wide bird cages play an integral role in the physical and psychological health of birds.

Aesthetic appeal

Wide bird cages are also quite beautiful; an aspect that makes them a great option for decorating homes. Due to its unique design, the enclosure can deliver a whole new look in your home, creating a center of attraction in the space. Even if you are sheltering birds in the enclosure, just the sight of it in your home is enough to impact great style therein.

Choosing Wide Bird Cages

Despite the distinct design of wide bird cages, they usually come in a wide range of styles, materials, sizes and also prices that you must carefully choose in order to get the most suitable one for your birds, décor and other applications. Regardless of your reason for obtaining a wide bird cage, it is only through making the right choice that you can enjoy using the structure.

In terms of styles, wide bird cages can be obtained in a variety including, standing, hanging, modern, exotic, breeding, double, Chinese, antique, vintage, & Victorian among others. An ideal style should complement your home and also portray the kind of appeal that you want to create therein.

Wide bird cages are mainly designed into a small, medium, large or extra-large size, from which you can choose the most suitable match for the amount of space that you have. But, the enclosures can also be acquired in custom sizes, which are always created in the particular measurements required by the customer.

You can also choose a wide bird cage made from either stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, plexiglass, wood, bamboo, wire, glass or acrylic. When choosing materials, always remember to identify one that is long lasting, safe, easy to clean and also economical to acquire and maintain.

The Right Bird Cage for All Types of Birds

In order to easily avoid the stress of choosing wide bird cages, simply go for a DIY bamboo bird cage. This is the right enclosure that guarantees greater comfort and safety for all bird types in the aviary and home. Besides, our products are also ideal elements for decorations that can create a unique touch of style in your space.