Bird Cage Sizes

Size is one of the main aspects to always consider when planning to acquire a bird cage for keeping birds, decoration or any other purpose. Although bird cages can also be used indoors or outdoors, you should always choose a bird cage size that can properly fit into the available space and support the intended need. Bird cage sizes can also be chosen based on the particular purpose or application of the products. For example, if you intend to keep birds in the cage, you should go for a size that can ensure comfortable feeding, play and sleep.

Even if you need a bird cage for other uses apart from rearing birds, size is important to ensure that you get the right cage for your needs. Sometimes, you may need a bird cage to use for planting flowers or other kinds of plants. In such situations, it is advisable to get a bird cage size that can support the growth of those plants over a long period of time. However, choosing bird cage sizes should never be a bother anymore because, there are now diverse bird cage sizes that you can easily select based on your needs, space and budget.

At DIY Bird Cage, we specialize in standard DIY bamboo bird cage sizes, which can be obtained in the measurements of 47cm by 57cm by 35cm. We focus on standard sizes because they can easily fit into a wide range of spaces and, also shelter birds comfortably. However, we understand that sometimes, you may also opt for an alternative bird cage size. Thus, our company can also offer DIY bamboo bird cages in the following standard sizes;

Extra-Large Bird Cage

Extra-large bird cage is the largest of all sizes and, with more adequate space for keeping many birds. In fact, this is the most suitable bird cage size to go for whenever you need to keep many birds in one cage. Although an extra-large bird cage can occupy a larger space, it is more economical than using several small or medium-sized bird cages. On the other hand, it can also save you some money on the side since just one extra-large bird cage can be used to house several birds at once.

Large Bird Cage

A large bird cage is also a good option for bird keeping and other alternative bird cage uses. Although it is relatively smaller than an extra-large bird cage, a large bird cage can also provide adequate space for rearing more birds in a single cage. Even if you intend to use the bird cage as a planter, it can still accommodate several plants. And, since a large bird cage can also be hanged, it could be economical too in terms of space and money.

Medium Bird Cage

A medium bird cage can either be used indoors or outdoors and, this is mainly because it can easily fit into a wide range of spaces. Unlike extra-large and large bird cages, a medium bird cage does not require so much space to set up. It can either be placed on a surface or hanged somewhere in the compound. With a good medium bird cage, you can also be able to keep more than two birds in one cage. As a result of this, you will not need to buy different cages for sheltering your pets, which is also very cost-effective.

Small Bird Cage

A small bird cage is the ideal size for those having limited spaces to keep birds. In case you need a bird cage for home décor, a small bird cage can be used for planting small plants and other lighter applications in the home like, light holders or chandeliers. Compared to extra-large, large and medium bird cages, a small bird cage offers limited space for just one or two small-sized birds. In fact, this is the most suitable bird cage size for keeping birds like, parrots, parrotlets, finches and other similar sizes. Despite the size, a small bird cage can still create a unique centerpiece in the home or garden.

Although our standard extra-large, large, medium and small bird cage sizes are the most recommended, you may also want to look into 18 x 18 and custom bird cages.

The Best Bird Cage Sizes for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Even with the diversity in bird cage sizes, finding the most suitable match for your space, needs and budget could still prove challenging. At DIY Bird Cage, we believe that every customer is entitled to the best products and, are committed to ensuring that all your needs are met. We can help you choose the best bird cage size.

We provide DIY bamboo bird cages in standard sizes that can easily fit into various spaces and, also support a wide range of applications. Besides, our company has the most competitive rates in the market to ensure that every customer is able to get the best bird cage size at very affordable prices. With our products, you are guaranteed the perfect fit for your space, needs and budget.

In case you may have a problem in choosing the right DIY bamboo bird cage size, simply get in touch with us. We are always ready to offer you the best assistance for the ultimate bird cage solutions.