Custom DIY Bird Cage

A custom bird cage is the most suitable bird cage size for those who need uniquely designed enclosures. As the name suggests, custom bird cages are always designed according to the specific needs of every customer. This means the bird cage can be delivered in the particular measurements that you need for the width, height and depth of the structure. Unlike other standard extra-large, large, medium and small bird cages, custom bird cages are not readily available. Instead, they are made by order of customers.

Apart from the dimensions, there are several other elements or features of a custom bird cage that can be tailored to customer needs and preferences. In fact, the basis of custom bird cages is to provide customers with the freedom of designing unique enclosures that meet their specific demands. Bird cages can be customized for a number of reasons. Most bird cages are customized to improve the strength of the structure, enhance its beauty and also fit into the available space.

Key Features of Custom Bird Cage

Custom bird cages usually vary from one to another, although they can share a few basic bird cage components and accessories. The following are some of the key features of custom bird cages that you should know when planning to acquire the product;

Flexibility in bird cage sizes

The main aspect behind custom bird cages is to deliver enclosures that can easily fit into various spaces. Whether you have a very large or limited space for keeping birds, a custom bird cage can be modelled for all. As a result of this, you are able to get a bird cage that perfectly fits into the specific amount of space that you have. Besides, you can also order a custom bird cage that is designed for a particular bird type.

Diverse bird cage styles

When ordering custom bird cages, you can also choose a particular style for the enclosure. On the other hand, you can also instruct the designer to create a bird cage that incorporates a wide range of bird cage styles including, antique, modern, Chinese, hanging, Victorian, breeding among others. In fact, you can always choose a bird cage style that properly complements other decor elements in your environment.

Choice of bird cage materials

Custom bird cages can also be made from different kinds of bird cage materials ranging from stainless steel, wrought iron, glass, bamboo, acrylic, wooden, wire, brass to plexiglass. Depending on your needs, you can choose one bird cage material or instruct the designer to include a combination of different materials. However, you should always be sure to select a bird cage material that is durable, safe and long lasting.

Wide range of bird cage shapes and color to choose from

Although many people do not usually consider bird cage shapes and color when shopping for the products, they are key elements of custom bird cages that you can also include in your instructions on how the enclosure should be designed. Generally, bird cages can be designed into round, long and wide shapes. Black and white are the common bird cage colors that you can also choose from. However, the flexibility in custom bird cages offers you the freedom of ordering a structure that is created to any unique shape and color.

Versatile in terms of application

Considering that custom bird cages can be designed to your specific needs, there is always greater chances that you can get an enclosure for a wide range of applications. Custom bird cages can be designed for keeping various bird types as well as growing plants, holding lights, lamps and also wall hangings or centerpieces. Besides, custom bird cages can also be created for use either indoors, outdoors or both environments.


Despite the greater flexibility that comes with the design of custom bird cages, coming up with the structure usually requires a lot on the part of the customer since you have to give instructions for every detail of the product. Instead of going through all these hassles, simply get standard DIY bamboo bird cages from DIY Bird Cage. We offer the best quality DIY bamboo bird cages in extra-large, large, medium and small sizes, readily available for shipment to your location in the shortest time.