Common Bird Cage Materials

Bird cages are made from a wide range of materials that you should carefully choose when buying the products. Bird cage material is an important factor to always consider because, it will determine the strength, lifespan and overall quality of the enclosure. Before settling on a particular bird cage material, it is important that you know the properties of each so as to choose the most suitable one for housing your feathered pets, home decoration and also budget.

The following are some of the most common bird cage materials in the market;


Among the various common bird cage materials, bamboo is considered the best for housing birds and home décor. Bamboo bird cages are strong, versatile, easy to clean and also more economical to acquire and maintain. Besides, bird cages that are made from bamboo are also quite stylish and elegant; an aspect that makes them a great accessory for decorating the home.


Wooden bird cages are also considered relatively cheaper and safe for bird keeping. However, they can sometimes be affected by weather and environmental changes, which could have negative impacts on the health of birds and safety of the enclosure. Some wooden bird cages can only be used indoors and, this limits their applications.

Stainless steel

Generally, stainless steel bird cages are durable and long lasting. But, they are also costly to buy and maintain. Besides, stainless steel bird cages that are galvanized or plated can also experience rust and corrosion. As a result of this, they can harbor harmful substances like, zinc that could easily impair the health and comfort of your birds in the enclosure. Besides, rust can also weaken the structure.


Acrylic bird cages are also quite popular in the market today. These enclosures are usually available in diverse sizes, shapes and colors. However, acrylic can be harmful to birds, especially when some parts of the materials are ingested by birds. On the other hand, some forms of acrylic can also be very uncomfortable, especially when used in an area where there is a lot of sunlight.


Glass bird cages are very luxurious and can set a great appeal in your space. Unlike most bird cage materials, glass is expensive and also quite delicate. They are mainly recommended for indoor use but, even then, glass bird cages require a lot of care and maintenance due to their fragility. With proper care, glass bird cages can last for a very long time, offering a comfortable home for birds and also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your space.


Wire bird cages are also very common today with some people even making them independently at home. Although wire bird cages are usually considered cheaper, they also have certain drawbacks. Some wires used in building the enclosures are plated or galvanized, which makes them harmful for housing birds. However, wire bird cages made from powder coated steel can be good for housing birds and decorations.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron bird cages are mainly preferred because of their strength and durability, which accords them a longer lifespan than most bird cage materials. However, they are often expensive to buy and maintain. Besides, wrought iron bird cages can also be affected by corrosion and environmental changes. These could hamper the safety and comfort of birds as well as the appearance of the structure.


Brass is also quite strong, which makes it a good choice for bird cage construction. Although the prices of brass bird cages vary from one style, size, brand, shape and color to another, they can be expensive. On the other hand, the fact that brass is industrially manufactured also makes it risky for birds since it can harbor harmful substances.


Plexiglass bird cages are considered a cheaper option for glass bird cages. They are quite stylish, light in weight and also comfortable. However, plexiglass can sometimes not be efficient in some environments, which usually limits their usage. Besides, the numerous manufacturing processes that the material undergoes can sometimes make it harmful for rearing birds.

The Best Bird Cage Material for all Bird Types and Home Décor

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