Bird Cage Accessories

A bird cage is a basic requirement that you must have whenever you are planning to start keeping birds at home. Bird cage accessories on the other hand, include a variety of parts and components used in bird cages to ensure that your birds have better play, sleep and feeding. There are some bird cage parts and accessories that must always be available for the survival of your birds in the bird cages. However, there are also other optional accessories, mainly used to enhance comfort and appeal of the bird cages.

Due to the diversity in bird cage designs, bird cage parts and accessories can also be obtained in a wide range of options. Of the various bird cage parts and accessories, some are included during the construction of bird cages. But, others can also be purchased separately depending on the needs of your birds and design of your enclosure. The following are some of the popular bird cage accessories that you may want to consider for your birds.

Bird Cage Stand

A bird cage stand is an important accessory that offers greater flexibility on where you can use the bird cage. With a bird cage stand, you can either choose to hang the enclosure or simply place it on the platform. The main benefit of this accessory is, it prevents the bottom of the bird cage from coming into direct contact with the ground.

Bird Cage Stand with Wheels

Bird cage stand with wheels are mainly designed in the form of trolleys, where you can place the bird cage for easy movement. Due to the wheels, the accessory is quite easier to move from one location to another across the home. This can enable your pets to have a better view of the indoor and outdoor environment.

Bird Cage Skirt

A bird cage skirt is important in keeping the bird cage and surrounding areas clean. Mainly designed in light washable material, this accessory is wrapped around the bird cage to trap droppings, food remains and other forms of dirt coming from the enclosure that may spill over to your floor.

Bird Cage Cover

A bird cage cover is mainly used in covering enclosures to offer birds some form of privacy. The covers can be obtained in various colors and patterns to suit diverse bird cage styles and bird types. A bird cage cover can either be used at night when the birds are sleeping or during the day.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders include an assortment of equipment use for feeding birds in bird cages like, bowls, dishes, cups for food and water among others. These are some of the basic bird cage parts and accessories that you must have in order to make sure that your pets are well-fed as required. Besides, bird feeders can also be ideal in preventing the wastage of food.

Bird Cage Liners

Bird cage liners are designed in the form of waxed sheets of paper, which can be easily spread on the floor of the bird cage to keep it clean. When using a bird cage liner, cleaning the bird cage is usually very easy since you only have to lift the material and replace with a fresh one. It ensures that birds’ droppings do not come into direct contact with the floor of the bird cage.

Bird Cage Divider

A bird cage divider is used in partitioning bird cages into smaller units or sections. It is mainly important in cases whereby you want to house many birds in the same cage but, they just cannot stay together. Besides, bird cage dividers can also be used to create some order in the enclosures. For example, you can partition the enclosure into sleeping area, eating area and also another section for play.

Bird Cage Seed Guard and Catchers

Bird cage seed guard and catchers are also important bird cage accessories that mainly work in preventing droppings and other waste from the bird cage from spreading onto the floor and surrounding areas. As a result of this, you will be able to maintain proper cleanliness of the enclosure.

Bird Cage Perches

Bird cage perches are essential bird cage accessories that your feathered friends need for rest and play. They are very useful in the moods and activities of your birds. In fact, bird cage perches are among the bird accessories where birds will spend most of their time. There are even some bird types that will sleep on the perches.


All the bird cage parts and accessories highlighted above are important in every bird cage that is used for housing birds. As a result of this, quite a number of them are included when bird cages are constructed. However, it should be noted that the accessories may sometimes vary from one bird cage to another. As a result of this, it is important that you first check all the included bird cage accessories in the particular bird cage that you need in order to be sure that it can suit your birds.

Bird cage accessories mainly vary from one bird cage style, material, size, type and shape to another. However, it should also be noted that birds usually have different behaviors and this could also determine the particular bird accessories that should be included in the enclosure. As a result of this, it is also important that you first get a better understanding of the types of birds that you have in order to know the most suitable parts and accessories to offer them in their cages.

In case the bird cage that you are planning to acquire does not have all the required bird cage parts and accessories, you may need to consider getting them separately. However, you should also remember that the prices of bird cage accessories usually vary depending on the particular part that you need, its design among other aspects. Despite the option that you choose, always make sure that your bird cage has all the right accessories to keep the birds jovial, healthy and safe.

In order to give your birds an ideal home, you need quality bird cage accessories and bird cages. DIY bamboo bird cages are the best enclosures that can guarantee unrivaled safety and comfort for all bird types both indoors and outdoors.