Bird Feeder, Bowl, Dishes and Cups for Food and Water

Bird feeders are among the most important bird cage accessories that must be included in every bird cage. Bird feeders, bowl, dishes and cups for food and water are containers where food is served and offered to the birds. Considering the fact that birds usually feed frequently, you must always have bird feeders at your disposal for convenience. Without bird feeders, giving food to your feathered pets in the cage can be quite challenging and even impact food wastage, which could be quite costly.

The main purpose of bird feeders is offering food for the birds in their enclosures. Since there are various kinds of bird feeders like, bows, dishes and cups, they can safely hold different forms of feeds for birds. In fact, bird feeders can be used for both solid and liquid foods including, water. The feeders can be packed with food and placed in the enclosure or next to the enclosure where birds can easily access them so they can freely eat at their own times. As a result of this, you will ensure proper feeding and health of your birds.

Other than just feeding birds, bird feeders can also provide several benefits to the environment. Bird feeders can also be of great help to other birds in the natural habitats and animals like, squirrels. On the contrary, these birds and animals are not a threat to your pets. Instead, they will create homes around the aviary, thereby ensuring better security for your birds since they can easily get along well. Besides, the sight of other birds and these unique animals can also create a beautiful scene in your garden or backyard.

In case you may not be happy with the presence of other birds and animals around your feathered friends, you can also apply various mechanisms to drive them out. For example, if the bird feeders were placed outside the cages, you may consider putting them inside away from the view of other birds and animals. Bird feeders can also independently create a unique aesthetic appeal in your home, especially if they are accorded decorative accents.

How to Choose Bird Feeders

In most occasions, there are some bird feeders that are usually offered together with bird cages. However, there are also instances whereby you will have to buy bird feeders separately. In both situations, you will still need to acquire bird feeders at some point. And, it is important that you know how to choose them. The following tips will help you in choosing bird feeders;

Kinds of bird feeders

There are various kinds of bird feeders to choose from including, bowls, dishes, cups among others. The choice of a particular type of bird feeder will mainly be based on the needs of your birds. In case you already have some, you can only go for those that are missing but, important for your birds. The best kind of bird feeder should be able to serve all your needs or reasons for obtaining it.

Sizes and shapes of bird feeders

Bird feeders can be obtained in a wide range of sizes including, small, medium, large, extra-large and also custom sizes. When selecting the sizes, you should consider bird feeders that can carry adequate food for your birds. However, there are also some bird feeders with provisions for measuring the amount of food served. Besides, the sizes of your bird feeders should also be able to fit into the bird cage size that your birds are housed in.

You can also choose bird feeders based on the available shapes. They usually come in a wide range of shapes including, round, oval, rectangular among others. Besides, there are also customized bird feeders, which are usually great for decorations. Despite the shape that you choose, always make sure it can hold food and also properly fit into the enclosure without taking a lot of space for your birds.

Bird feeder materials

Bird feeders are usually made from various kinds of materials including, glass, stainless steel, wood, bamboo, porcelain, acrylic, plexiglass among others. An ideal material for bird feeders should be safe, durable, easy to clean and also affordable.

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