Bird Cage Perches

When keeping your birds in cages, there is always very little movement since most of their times are spent inside the enclosures. However, it should be noted that birds require constant exercises in order to stay happy and healthy. As a result of this, you should always make sure that they have the right bird cage accessories that can enable your birds to jump around and flex their feet without any risks. Bird cage perches are among the best bird cage accessories that can help you meet this need.

Bird cage perches can go a long way in enhancing the physical and social health of your birds. They can offer your birds a stable and safe platform to rest their feet after moving around the enclosure. In fact, perches provide an ideal spot where your birds will love to spend most of their times, watching the external environment and playing with each other. Apart from just offering standing room, bird cage perches can also provide a good platform for play and fitness to your birds without leaving the enclosures.

Bird cage perches are where birds can also have an ample time socializing in pairs or groups. Therefore, they are effective in ensuring that your birds are kept in good moods, which could also make them feel more secure in your home. For some bird types, perches can also offer a good spot for sleep without fighting over for space with other birds in the enclosure. However, your birds can only experience these benefits if your give them good bird cage perches. Remember, not all bird cage perches can be suitable for your bird cage and birds.

How to Choose Bird Cage Perches

Similar to other bird cage accessories and parts, bird cage perches also come in diverse kinds, sizes, materials and prices, which you must carefully choose from in order to get the right ones for your enclosure and birds. The following tips can assist you in choosing bird cage perches;

Kinds of bird cage perches

There are mainly two kinds of bird cage perches including, natural and artificial. Also known as branch perches, natural perches are made from branches of trees like, ash, grapevines, magnolia among others that can be acquired from your backyard or other places. In case you need a natural bird cage perch, always make sure that it is obtained from a tree that is free from any chemical sprays or toxicity and also strong enough to support the weight of your birds. For safety, you may need to sterilize the branches before use.

Artificial perches on the other hand, mainly comprise hardwood dowels that can be set up right from the package. However, ropes, swings and mineral perches can also be used. Man made bird cage perches usually come in numerous shapes, colors and materials to choose from. It would be advisable to get a variety of bird cage perches shapes, colors and materials but, make sure they are safe for use by your birds.

Sizes of bird cage perches

Bird cage perches can be obtained in a variety of sizes, depending on the size of your bird cage and also where they will be set up. If the perches will be used in the bird cage, you should look for sizes that can easily fit into the enclosure without making your birds to feel more squeezed. After setting up the perches, your birds should still have adequate space to move around without any difficulty. The best way to easily get the right bird cage perch sizes is knowing the size of the bird cage. There are perches for small, medium, large, extra-large and also custom bird cages.

Materials of bird cage perches

Despite the type of bird cage that you consider fit for your birds, it is always important to make sure that the materials used for perches are safe for birds. Avoid materials that can experience rust and corrosion over time. Besides, plastics can also be harmful, especially if ingested by birds. Wood, bamboo and ropes are ideal materials for bird cage perches that you should consider.

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