DIY Bird Cage Chandelier

Chandeliers are a luxurious addition to home décor, which can work great magic in your space. However, most people have not been able to acquire chandeliers mainly because, they are relatively expensive to buy and also install. But, you can now experience the charm of chandeliers in your home quite easily and without spending more through DIY bird cages. In fact, DIY bird cage chandeliers have become a unique and cheaper option for home interior décor, which you too should consider trying out.

DIY bird cage chandeliers can be used both at home and also in commercial establishments for enhancing the décor. They can be installed in the ceilings and also other parts of the house including, the patio. Depending on the overall décor of your space and expectations, DIY bird cage chandelier can be obtained by using the enclosure as it is or repurposing it. In both situations, they can still deliver an artistic display to make your space more attractive and luxurious.

The Unique Benefits of DIY Bird Cage Chandelier

There are numerous reasons why you should consider using DIY bird cage chandelier in your home or even business establishment. The following are some of the unique benefits of DIY bird cage chandeliers;


There is so much flexibility that comes with using DIY bird cage chandelier for interior décor. Foremost, they can easily blend in with diverse decorative elements. Due to the exceptional craftsmanship portrayed in the design of DIY bird cage chandeliers, they can easily complement just any décor that you may want to display in your space. However, you can also choose a bird cage style that perfectly matches the theme of your space.

On the other hand, DIY bird cage chandeliers can also still be repurposed or accorded additional decorations to complement the particular theme that you intend to portray in your home. As a result of this, there is always an assurance that you can get an ideal DIY bird cage chandelier to suit the décor of your home. DIY bird cage chandeliers can effectively work in both modern and conventional styles of home décor including, Mediterranean, Tunisian, Shabby chic, Moroccan among others.

Another aspect of versatility in DIY bird cage chandelier is, it can be erected both indoors and outdoors without losing its distinct touch. The structure can be set up in the living room, balcony, patio, dining or anywhere else that you see fit. Besides, they can also work with various forms of lighting to create the desired accent.

Elegant design

Unlike the common chandeliers in the market, DIY bird cage chandeliers have a distinct touch that makes them very attractive in the home. The fact that they are bird cages is one aspect that gives them a unique appeal in every space, especially when people find out they are not for keeping birds but, lighting up and decorating the room. A DIY bird cage chandelier can effectively display a sense of creativity and elegance in the décor of your home.

Depending on the kind of appeal that you intend to create with a DIY bird cage chandelier, you can add various kinds of detail onto the structure like, flowers, jewels and other accents.


This is one of the main reasons DIY bird cage chandeliers are among the most sought after accessories for home décor. Compared to buying a typical chandelier, DIY bird cage chandeliers are very cost-effective. In fact, most of them are handcrafted from materials that are readily available, which makes them relatively cheaper to acquire.

Even when it comes to repurposing the enclosure, most of the activities can easily be performed at home without the need for any special expertise. With simple DIY instructions, you can always customize a DIY bird cage chandelier to your needs. Besides, the structures also require little maintenance, which you can also simply perform independently.

How to Choose DIY Bird Cage Chandelier

In case you already have a DIY bird cage, you can simply make a few adjustments to the structure including, removing some parts, adding lights and other decorations to create a unique chandelier. However, those who do not have the enclosures should start by obtaining a DIY bird cage. Here are some tips to help you in choosing a DIY bird cage chandelier;

Bird cage size

DIY bird cages usually come in a wide range of sizes including, small, medium, large and extra-large. It is always advisable that you choose a DIY bird cage size that can fit into the designated area without altering the other interior décor items used therein. In case you have a limited space, you should consider either a small or medium sized bird cage chandelier. For spacious homes, large and extra-large bird cages are the most suitable.

Material of the bird cage

DIY bird cage chandeliers can be obtained in various materials including, stainless steel, wrought iron, glass, wood, bamboo, plexiglass, acrylic, wire, brass among others. Considering typical chandeliers are usually made of metallic materials, it would be advisable to choose a different material for the bird cage chandelier. DIY bamboo bird cages are the best for chandeliers owing to their strength, versatility, stylish appeal and cost-effectiveness.

Bird cage style

Although DIY bird cage chandeliers can easily complement a wide range of home décor styles, you should also consider the various bird cage styles offered. This is important since it can enable you to easily find the particular bird cage style to match your theme. Some of the most common bird cage styles that you can select include, Victorian, vintage, antique, modern, Chinese among others.

Bird cage shapes and colors

The shape and color of the DIY bird cage chandelier can also enhance the general appeal of the structure. Generally, the structures can be obtained in long, round and wide shapes. In terms of color, you can also choose either black or white, which can easily blend in with the theme and setting of your home.

The Best DIY Bird Cage Chandelier

At DIY Bird Cage, we offer quality and fairly priced DIY bamboo bird cages that you can easily acquire for creating unique chandeliers in your home or business.