Antique Bird Cage

An antique bird cage is the most suitable enclosure for those who need a bird cage that can portray the charm of the old times. Antique bird cages are designed with features and components that are modelled to reflect the spark of the ancient times. And, most of these bird cages are handcrafted to give them a stylish appeal that is quite distinct from the various bird cages styles offered in the market today. In terms of decoration, an antique bird cage can be a great piece for chandeliers, lights, lamp holders and other elements.

Antique bird cages can also be used for planting flowers and other unique plants in the garden, backyard or patio. When it comes to keeping birds, this bird cage can deliver the perfect shelter for your pets in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, it should be noted that there are varieties of antique bird cages in the market. Thus, you must always be ready to carefully choose the products when shopping in order to find the best package that can meet your expectations.

Tips for Choosing Antique Bird Cages

Antique bird cages are crafted in various sizes, shapes, colors and, also made from different materials. Besides, the products can also be chosen based on the types of birds that you keep. The following tips can be useful in choosing antique bird cages;

Check the available sizes

Just like other bird cage styles, antique bird cages come in standard extra-large, large, medium and small sizes. Besides, you can also find 18 x 18 as well as custom bird cages. In order to get the best size, you should know the amount of space that you have and also the requirements of your feathered friends. If you are rearing birds, you must always get an antique bird cage with adequate space so your pets can freely engage in various activities, feed and also sleep. To collectors who may need antique bird cages for decoration, size is also important to ensure that you get a piece, which can properly fit into the space that is reserved for it.

Consider the bird cage materials

Most antique bird cages are made of wood but, you can also find the enclosures in other materials including, brass, glass, wrought iron, stainless steel, glass, acrylic and bamboo. The best antique bird cage should be made of durable materials that are also, safe for the health of birds. The most suitable bird cage material with both properties is bamboo. Bird cages that are constructed from bamboo are usually very strong and can also withstand varying weather conditions and environmental changes. Besides, bamboo is also eco-friendly.

Compare various antique bird cage shapes and colors

The shapes and colors of antique bird cages have a lot to do with its appearance and also where they can be used. Some of the most common bird cage shapes that you can compare include, wide, round and long. When choosing the shapes, you should remember that there are some bird cage shapes that are only ideal for specific spaces and applications. However, there are also others that can suit a wide range of spaces and applications. In terms of bird cage color, you can either opt for a white or black antique bird cage. An ideal antique bird cage shape and color should not only complement your space but, also the environment.

Shop by Type of Birds

You can also choose antique bird cages based on the particular types of birds that you keep. In fact, you can now easily find tailor made antique bird cages designed with features and accessories to match the instincts of specific bird species. Antique bird cages can be made for parrots, macaws, finches, doves, parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels and canaries. In case you are unable to get the best antique bird cage for the particular bird type that you have, a custom bird cage would be an ideal option.

High Quality and Affordable Bird Cages

Choosing antique bird cages can be a very humiliating task and, the best option to avoid all these hassles is with a DIY bamboo bird cage from DIY Bird Cage. Talk to us for high quality and affordable DIY bamboo bird cages for bird keeping and decoration.