Chinese Bird Cage

The Chinese culture is one of the most vibrant across the world today and, that is why you can easily find bird cages that are inspired by it in the market. Chinese bird cages are quite distinct from other bird cage styles mainly because their designs incorporate more of the Chinese traditional handcrafts. In fact, most of the Chinese bird cages in the market are handmade with enhancements that portray various aspects of the Chinese culture. The products are constructed just in the same way the Chinese people designed their bird cages in early times.

Similar to other bird cage styles, Chinese bird cages also have other design features that you should consider in order to get the right match for the intended application. Chinese bird cages come in diverse sizes, material, prices shapes and colors. Besides, the enclosures can also be designed for specific bird types that you should also carefully select from so as to end up with the best.

How to Select Chinese Bird Cages

Most people usually rush into buying Chinese bird cages without checking the product features. But, you should never go down the same road since it could only mislead you into buying an enclosure that cannot serve your needs. The following are key factors to always consider when selecting Chinese bird cages;

The material of the bird cage

Traditional Chinese bird cages were mainly made from wood, bamboo and wire. However, you can now find the products in other bird cage materials including, brass, wrought iron, stainless steel, plexiglass, acrylic and glass. The best bird cage material to go for should be not only durable but, also safe for the health of birds and environment. Although all these materials are said to possess both qualities, bamboo is the most ideal that you should go for. Bamboo is strong and also very environmental friendly. Besides, bamboo bird cages are also less costly than enclosures made from other materials.

Bird Cage Sizes

Generally, Chinese bird cages are offered in extra-large, large, medium and small, which can suit a wide range of space and applications. If you are planning to start keeping birds in the enclosure, it is always advisable to get a Chinese bird cage with adequate space for better comfort of the pets. In fact, birds also feel much safer in spacious bird cages. Apart from the standard sizes, you can also opt for a custom or 18 x 18 Chinese bird cage. One of the benefits of custom Chinese bird cages is, they can always be modelled to the particular measurements or dimensions that you need.

Types of Birds

This is an important factor of bird cage selection that you should always be very keen on, especially when looking for a Chinese bird cage for sheltering birds. Chinese bird cages can also be crafted for specific types of birds, which are usually kept in most homes. Thus, you can also select the enclosures based on the particular species or types of birds that you have including, parrots, doves, finches, macaws, parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels, budgies among others. In fact, choosing Chinese bird cages according to your bird type is a sure way of obtaining a more fulfilling and appealing home for your feathered friends.

Cost of Chinese Bird Cages

Owing to their distinctive design and appeal, some people often think that Chinese bird cages are high end and, not for just anyone. However, that is not true because, the market is flooded with a wide range of Chinese bird cages that can be obtained in different price ranges. When comparing the prices of Chinese bird cages, always be mindful of the quality of the product in order to get a better deal. The best Chinese bird cage should not only be affordable but, also bear the right features and accessories to effectively serve your needs.

High Quality and Affordable Bird Cages

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