Double Bird Cage

A double bird cage is made up of two enclosures, which are stack on top of another. The main reason behind double bird cages is space conservation. Since one of the enclosures is placed on top of the other, a double bird cage assumes the space of a single bird cage. As a result of this, you are able to keep more birds without creating an additional space for different bird cages. Besides, a double bird cage is also more cost-effective than buying several small or medium sized bird cages.

Apart from its application in bird keeping, double bird cages can also be used in decoration and beautification of various sections of the home. Whether it is hanged or placed on a surface at a strategic location in the home, a double bird cage can create a unique aesthetic appeal. But, not just any double bird cage can deliver all these benefits. You must be able to choose the best double bird cage in order to experience the good that can come with using it in your aviary or home.

How to Choose Double Bird Cages

Double bird cages are available in a wide range of bird cage materials, sizes, shapes, colors and prices. With the recent developments in bird cage design, you can now even shop for double bird cages depending on the types of birds. The following guidelines will help you on how to make the best choice for a double bird cage;

Bird cage material

The material from which your double bird cage is made from matters a lot when it comes its quality and longevity. Therefore, you must always be keen to choose a material that is not only durable but also safe for rearing birds and the environment. Although stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, glass, acrylic, wood, wire, bamboo and plexiglass bird cages all meet the durability requirement, quite a number of them are industrially manufactured, which could pose risks to the health of birds. Bamboo bird cage is  the most suitable due to its strength and safety.

Double bird cage sizes

Although double bird cages are made from a stack of two enclosures, this does not make it very large or bulky in size. In fact, the structures are available in various standard sizes to suit a wide range of spaces and applications. The standard sizes include, extra-large, large, medium and small. In order to meet diverse customer needs, double bird cages can also be acquired in dimensions of 18 by 18 and custom sizes. With these two, you can always have the enclosure designed in the particular measurements that you need.

Cost and price of double bird cages

The cost and prices usually vary depending on the particular size, material, shape and even color of the double bird cage. Besides, rates might also vary from one brand to another. In order to get the most suitable price for your budget, it is advisable to make a few comparisons on the available double bird cages. When doing this, always remember that quality should be given precedence. You should only opt for a given price after making sure that the enclosure can effectively serve your needs. On the other hand, it is also advisable to stay away from cheap double bird cages.

Types of Birds

In case you are looking for a double bird cage for rearing birds, you can also make the selection based on bird types. There are several double bird cages that are designed specifically for certain types of birds like, doves, macaws, parakeets, parrots, cockatoos, cockatiels, finches, budgies and canaries. Choosing a double bird cage for the particular type of bird that you have can be an easier way of according them comfort and also making them feel much safer in the new environment. This is because, the cages are enhanced with unique features and accessories to suit the behavioral traits and instincts of every bird type.

Quality Bird Cages for All Bird Types and Decorations

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