Doves Bird Cage

A doves bird cage is a suitable enclosure for rearing doves at home. The design of the structure incorporates certain elements to offer doves a more conducive home outside their natural habitats. Apart from just keeping birds, doves bird cages can also be ideal for beautification in various sections of the home. They can work as planters, chandeliers, lamp holders and other centerpieces to enhance the décor of your home. But, this should not confuse you into thinking that all doves bird cages are good and can be ideal for your home or aviary.

How to Choose Doves Bird Cages

Generally, all doves bird cages usually share a lot of features in terms of design. However, they also have certain disparities, which you should focus on when choosing doves bird cages.  The main disparities include, sizes, materials of construction, styles, shapes, colors, brands and prices. The following tips will guide you in choosing doves bird cages;

Material of bird cage

The material from which a bird cage is made determines its quality, price and application. Therefore, it is always important that you choose a material that is strong, safe, easy to clean and economical. Common bird cage materials to choose from include, stainless steel, glass, brass, wrought iron, plexiglass, wooden, wire, bamboo and acrylic. Although all these materials are recommended for building bird cages, bamboo is usually the most economical, safe, elegant and durable material.

Bird cage styles

Doves bird cages can also be designed in various styles including, hanging, breeding, antique, vintage, Victorian, standing, outdoor, modern, playtop and Chinese. The choice of a doves bird cage style can be based on where you intend to use it, the reason for obtaining the structure, budget among other expectations. In fact, this is an important factor that home décor collectors should be very keen on so as to get doves bird cages that can effectively complement diverse themes and settings.

Size of the bird cage

Bird cages are available in a wide range of sizes that you can always select depending on the amount of space in your aviary, number of doves and price of the structure. The popular doves bird cage sizes include, extra-large, large, medium and small. These standard sizes can suit different spaces and environments. However, you can also opt for a custom or 18 by 18 doves bird cage. These are mainly designed according to the specifications of the client and, mainly available on order.

Brand of the bird cage

Doves bird cages also come in a variety of brands, each with unique qualities and features. Some of the common bird cage brands that you can easily get in the market include, California, Prevue, Hagen Vision and Hendryz. Although all bird cage brands claim to be superior, that should never convince you in buying a given doves bird cage brand. Despite the doves bird cage brand that you choose, just make sure that it offers all the features that you need for the intended application of the structure.

Bird cage shape and color

In terms of bird cage shapes and color, you can also choose between long, wide, round and, black and white, respectively. Although most people do not usually consider bird cage shapes, they play an important role in space conservation. On the other hand, bird cage color can also go a long way in enhancing the appearance of the structure as well as complementing the décor of your space. However, you can also choose a doves bird cage that is custom designed to the shape and color that you need.

Price of doves bird cages

The prices of doves bird cages often vary based on the size, style, material, brand, shape and color. Generally, most people usually think that cheap bird cages are the best option for saving money. However, it should be noted that cheap doves bird cages are usually associated with poor quality. Simply go for a doves bird cage that can suit your needs and is offered at a fair price for your budget.

The Right Bird Cage for Doves and all Bird Types

The best enclosures for doves and other bird types that you should acquire are DIY bamboo bird cages. Our DIY bamboo bird cages are not only suitable for keeping birds but, also a wide range of other applications in the home like, planting flowers and creating unique centerpieces.