Modern Bird Cage

As the name suggests, this is the ideal bird cage for those who wish to portray a contemporary feeling and touch in their aviaries or homes. Unlike bird cages that are inspired by traditional and cultural inclinations like, Vintage, Antique and Chinese bird cages, modern bird cages do not conform to any specific elements. They are modelled to depict the present times. As a result of this, they can easily appeal to all when used for keeping birds, decoration or other applications.

Considering the general appeal of modern bird cages, they offer greater flexibility when it comes to how and where they can be used. In fact, this is one of the most versatile bird cage styles that can effectively work in varying indoor and outdoor environments. A modern bird cage can deliver a comfortable shelter for your birds and, also portray a stylish look to complement other decorative elements in the home.

Choosing Modern Bird Cages

When planning to buy a modern bird cage, there is usually certain things that you should look into so as to get the best one for housing your birds and decorating your home. Some of the main features of modern bird cages that you should always base your choices on include, bird cage material, size, type of birds, shapes and color. Besides, the price of modern bird cages is also an important factor to consider.

Bird cage material

Modern bird cages can be constructed from diverse kinds of bird cage materials ranging from stainless steel, brass, wrought iron, glass, acrylic, glass wooden, plexiglass, wire and bamboo. All these materials are often described as durable and long lasting but, that should not mislead you into choosing just any of them. The best material that is strong enough, environmental friendly and safe is bamboo. Bird cages that are made of bamboo can preserve their strengths and appearance for quite a long time without repairs.

Type of Birds

When shopping for modern bird cages, you should also note that the enclosures can be obtained for specific types of birds. These are constructed with the right features and accessories to match the traits of different bird types. Depending on the birds that you keep or are planning to start rearing, there are modern bird cages for doves, parrots, finches, budgies, macaws, parakeets, cockatoos, cockatiels among other bird types to select from.

Bird cage sizes

Bird cages generally come in standard sizes of extra-large, large, medium and small that you can choose for your modern bird cage. However, there are also other bird cage sizes that you can also opt for including, 18 x 18 and custom bird cages. These two usually offer flexibility in bird cage design since they can be crafted to the specific measurements that you need. Regardless of the modern bird cage size that you choose, always make sure that it offers adequate space so your birds have freedom for better play, feeding and sleep.

Shape and color of the bird cage

In case you are looking for a modern bird cage for beautification or decorating your space, the shape and color should be on top of your list. Even for bird keepers, shape is an important factor to consider in order to get an enclosure that can properly fit into the available space. Modern bird cages can be obtained in either round, wide or long shapes. Although the products are mainly available in black and white colors, you can also opt for a custom modern bird cage designed with all the color schemes that you need.

Prices of modern bird cages

The prices of modern bird cages often vary from one size, material, shape and color to another. Besides, brand can also determine the cost of modern bird cages. Before buying a particular modern bird cage model or brand, always compare the prices in order to find a suitable rate for your budget. However, you should always be cautious to avoid cheap modern bird cages.

Highly Reliable, Stylish and Cost-effective Bird Cages

DIY bamboo bird cages from DIY Bird Cage are the most reliable, stylish and economical bird cages that you need to deliver the perfect shelter for your birds. In fact, our products are also ideal for unique home decoration and, can serve various applications including, chandeliers, planters, lamp holders among others.