Playtop Bird Cage

A playtop bird cage is mainly recommended for keeping birds that are usually considered too playful and, require a lot of space to move around. As the name suggests, a playtop bird cage is designed with a unique open play area fitted at the top of the enclosure. The cage has an opening at the top with latches, which birds can safely move through to get into the play area. The play area is connected to the main body of the bird cage such that birds can safely move across without escaping from the enclosure.

Other than the additional play area provided in a playtop bird cage, there are several features of the structure that you should also consider when shopping. These features include, construction materials, size, shape and color, cost of the bird cage among others.  You can only get the best experience with a playtop bird cage if you choose the right size, shape and color as well as an affordable price and durable construction.

Choosing Playtop Bird Cages

There are various features of playtop bird cages that you should consider when shopping in order to make the best choice. The following are the key factors that can guide you towards obtaining the most suitable playtop bird cage for keeping birds, decoration and also your budget;

Playtop bird cage sizes

Although most people usually consider playtop bird cages as bulky, that is not true. In fact, these bird cages are offered in a wide range of sizes that you can easily choose from.  Playtop bird cages are available in standard sizes of extra-large, large, medium and small. For those who may need unique designs, you can also opt for either an 18 x 18 or custom playtop bird cage. In case you are keeping birds, always try to find a playtop bird cage that is spacious so your birds are not squeezed since that could impact health conditions.

Construction of the bird cage

A good playtop bird cage should be accorded sturdy construction to ensure that it can serve you for a longer period of time. Besides, durable construction is also important in the safety of your birds. The best way to determine the construction of a bird cage is by looking at the materials. Playtop bird cages can be obtained in stainless steel, glass, acrylic, wooden, bamboo, wrought iron, brass, wire and plexiglass. The most durable and safe bird cage material that you should go for is bamboo. This is mainly because it does not change its appearance and quality in diverse environmental conditions. Besides, it is also an all-natural material with no impact on birds and the environment.

Bird cage shape and color

Playtop bird cages also come in various shapes and colors that you may also need to look into, especially when collecting the structures for decoration. Generally, the products can be designed in round, wide and long shapes. In terms of bird cage color, you can also choose between white and black playtop bird cages. For those who may want something different from the standard shapes and colors, you should try custom bird cages that can be designed to your specific needs.  With the best custom bird cage, you can always get the playtop enclosure crafted to the particular shape and color that you want.

Cost of playtop bird cages

Knowing the price ranges of playtop bird cages can help you with proper planning and budgeting for the enclosure. Before choosing a particular model of playtop bird cage, you should first compare the prices, keeping in mind the features and accessories of each. Costs may vary depending on the bird cage size, material, shape, color and also application. The best playtop should be offered at an affordable price and, also bear all the required features and accessories for the intended application. In short, the price of the playtop bird cage should match its quality.

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