Canary Bird Cage

In case you are keeping canaries or planning to start rearing some in your home, a canary bird cage is a good enclosure that you should consider for sheltering them. Although there are some enclosures that can also be used for housing canaries, a canary bird cage is designed with the right elements to give these birds the required environment where they can feel safe and happy. However, you should not just rush into buying a canary bird cage before knowing how to choose the most suitable one.

Tips for Choosing Canary Bird Cages

Despite the numerous similarities in the construction and design of canary bird cages, the enclosures also have certain disparities that you should know when planning to acquire the products. Generally, canary bird cages can be obtained in different sizes, styles, materials, colors, shapes, brands and even prices. As a result of this, not just any canary bird cage can be ideal for rearing the birds in your home. The following are useful tips for choosing canary bird cages;

Check the available bird cage materials

Canary bird cages are usually available in a wide range of materials like, glass, wrought iron, plexiglass, stainless steel, brass, wooden, wire, acrylic and bamboo. One thing you should always note about these bird cage materials is, not all are as good as they are said to be. In fact, some, especially those that are industrially manufactured have been associated with health conditions in birds. Besides, some are also quite expensive. The most ideal bird cage material that is both durable, safe and economical is bamboo.

Keenly look into the size of the bird cage

The size of a canary bird cage usually determines the amount of space required for using it and, also the level of comfort that it can offer your birds. The right canary bird cage should fit into the space that you have and also provide greater freedom of movement and play for your pets without leaving the structure. Canary bird cages mainly come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, which you can easily find in the market. But, there are also 18 by 18 and custom sizes that you can order depending on the needs of your pets and available space in your aviary or home.

Consider the bird cage styles

With regards to bird cage styles, you can also choose canary bird cages based on the décor or theme of your home or the kind of appeal that you intend to portray with the structure. Besides, you can also choose canary bird cage styles depending on the application or how you want to use the enclosure. The most popular bird cage styles that you should consider for your canary bird cage include, hanging, vintage, Victorian, antique, breeding, playtop, Chinese, double, exotic and outdoor. For a unique style, you may also consider ordering a custom canary bird cage.

Check the various shapes and colors

Canary bird cages can also be designed into various shapes and colors to suit different spaces and also complement a wide range of environments. The structures are mainly offered in three shapes; round, wide and long. On the other hand, black and white are the most popular bird cage colors. You may also opt for other unique shapes and colors for your canary bird cage, however, these are only available by order. This means you must notify the manufacturer about your specific requirements so as to get a unique shape and color for canary bird cage.

Compare prices of canary bird cages

Contrary to what some may tend to think, there is usually no particular price for canary bird cages. In fact, the prices of the enclosures vary depending on the brand, size, material, style, shape and color. When comparing the prices, always remember that apart from the price, quality should always be given precedence. Instead of choosing a cheap canary bird cage, simply identify a good quality structure offered at a reasonable rate for your budget.

The Right Bird Cage for Canaries, other Bird Types and Home Décor

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