Long Bird Cage

A long bird cage is one of the most popular bird cage shapes in the market today. The main distinction between a long bird cage and other shapes is, it has an extension on the length of the enclosure. This simply means, the bird cage is designed in the form of a rectangle. Bird cages in this kind of shape can serve a wide range of applications including, sheltering birds and decorations. As a result of this, there are various reasons why you may consider obtaining a long bird cage.

Benefits of a Long Bird Cage

Although long bird cages are usually offered in diverse styles, sizes, materials and also for various types of birds, there are numerous benefits that you can experience by using the enclosures. The following are some of the main advantages of long bird cages;

Increased health in birds

Considering the expansive space offered in long bird cages, they can go a long way in ensuring the physical health of birds. This is mainly because, they provide adequate space for the birds to engage in various kinds of activities like, playing and flying around. On the other hand, a long bird cage can also ensure enhanced mental health in birds. Due to the freedom of movement offered in long bird cages, your birds will be happy and jovial.


Long bird cages are also quite comfortable, mainly due to the adequacy of space. In fact, the enclosure can easily accommodate many birds without feeling squeezed. With a long bird cage, you can also include several toys and accessories to keep your birds active. Generally, birds feel more secure in spacious cages. Whether used indoors or outdoors, long bird cages can still deliver greater comfort for all types of birds.


There is also so much flexibility that comes with using a long bird cage. One is that, the enclosure can be easily set up in a wide range of spaces. It can effectively work in the aviary and also at home, offering proper housing for birds. Depending on the design of the bird cage, it can either be hanged or placed onto a surface.

Another aspect of a long bird cage’s versatility is its ability to house birds while also enhancing the décor of the environment. In fact, long bird cages can be great for decorating various sections of the home. Even if you do not use it for birds, the enclosure can still serve as a unique centerpiece, lamp holder, planter or even chandelier.

How to Choose a Long Bird Cage

Despite the numerous benefits of a long bird cage discussed above, that is not a guarantee that all long bird cages are suitable for your birds or decorating your home. You have to always choose the best long bird cage size, style, material and price in order to experience all the merits above. The enclosures are mainly available in standard small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. However, you can also opt for a custom sized long bird cage.

In terms of style, the enclosures can be obtained in a wide variety including, hanging, standing, modern, exotic, vintage, Victorian, antique, outdoor, double and breeding. In order to choose the most suitable style for a long bird cage, it is advisable that you consider the setting of your home and, also the kind of appeal that you would like to portray with the structure.

Long bird cages can also be designed from various kinds of materials that you should carefully choose from in order to end up with a durable, long lasting and secure enclosure. The common bird cage materials to select include, brass, wrought iron, stainless steel, plexiglass, wooden, bamboo and wire. However, you should remember that the materials also vary in terms of price.

Most people usually prefer cheap bird cages simply because of their affordability but, it is always advisable that you stay away from such products. Simply go for a good quality long bird cage offered at a fair price that your budget can accommodate.

The Best Quality and Affordable Bird Cage

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