Cockatoo Bird Cage

A cockatoo bird cage is the recommended structure for housing cockatoos. The main reason for this is, the bird cage is designed with special features and accessories to provide an environment that resembles that of cockatoos. However, a cockatoo bird cage can also be used for home décor in various applications. Despite your reason for obtaining a cockatoo bird cage, it is always important that you know how to choose the enclosures since they come in varieties.

How to Choose a Cockatoo Bird Cage

Cockatoo bird cages can be obtained in numerous styles, sizes, materials, shapes and colors. Besides, the prices of these enclosures can also vary from one brand to another.  In order to choose the right cockatoo bird cage, all these factors have to be considered when shopping. The following tips will help you in choosing a good cockatoo bird cage for your birds, home décor or any other application;

Bird cage sizes

Similar to other bird cage types, cockatoo bird cages can also be acquired in various sizes. However, small, medium, large and extra-large are the most common bird cage sizes that you can easily find for cockatoos. In case you may prefer a cockatoo bird cage with unique measurements, there are also 18 by 18 and custom sizes that you can order. Whether you acquire a standard cockatoo bird cage or customized size, it should be spacious enough to comfortably accommodate your birds. Besides, the particular size that you choose should also be able to easily fit into the amount of space that you have.

Material of the bird cage

Cockatoo bird cages are also available in diverse bird cage materials including, stainless steel, wrought iron, brass, glass, wooden, bamboo, acrylic, wire and plexiglass. Each of these materials has its unique properties that you should also know in order to identify the most suitable one for your pets and budget. Although all these materials are considered a good choice for cockatoo bird cages, only bamboo is proven safe, long lasting and cost-effective. In fact, bird cages that are made of bamboo are also quite elegant and can deliver a stylish appeal in your home.

Bird cage styles

Style is an important aspect of bird cage design that you should also carefully look into when choosing cockatoo bird cages. The enclosures are designed into different styles including, hanging, standing, modern, antique, vintage, Victorian, breeding, double, exotic, playtop and outdoor. The style of your cockatoo bird cage can be based on the décor of your space or the kind of theme that you intend to enhance with the structure. Bird cage styles also determine where and how the structure can be used, thus, you should be very keen when choosing the enclosures.

Available bird cage shapes and colors

Although cockatoo bird cages can be designed uniquely, the most common shapes are long, wide and round. The enclosures are mainly offered in black and white colors but, you can also order customized color schemes for your bird cage. On the other hand, you can also sometimes opt to individually paint the enclosure to the desired color schemes after obtaining it.

Cost and price of cockatoo bird cages

The cost and price of cockatoo bird cages usually vary from one brand, size, material, style, shape and color to another.  As a result of this, you should always compare the prices based on the particular size, material, style, shape and color of cockatoo bird cage that you need. Although bird cage brands is not usually a great deal, you may also want to look at the features of various available cockatoo bird cage brands when choosing the products. By making comparisons, you can easily narrow down to a good quality bird cage for your budget. However, you should always try to avoid cheap cockatoo bird cages.

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